FIFA 15’s New E3 Trailer Really Shows Off The Dramatic Side Of Soccer

Video: The game, complete with an all-new and prettied-up engine, improved physics and smarter player AI, will come to Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4 and PC on September 23.


  • Does it bring back the fun? FIFA and Pro Evo have been obsessed with being as realistic as possible which has resulted in the ball bouncing off your player’s foot in a random direction, players running and not taking the ball with them. I cba putting the hours into the game to try and master it so I don’t bother. I loved football games when they were arcadey and, you know, fun to play.

  • Gameplay trailer my butt! Seen a million of these dang soccer trailers before, actual gameplay wouldve been nice :/

  • FIFA “This years addition”, Just like last years FIFA “Last years addition” totally worth the $100 Australian release price. check out all the player names they are different woooooow.

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