Fighting Couple Terrorises Neighbours, Makes A Horrible Mess

Fighting Couple Terrorises Neighbours, Makes A Horrible Mess

Yikes! A video of destruction caused by a couple throwing things out of their window, including pots and pans, has gone viral in South Korea.

According to Korean news sites like WikiTree, the fight happened at around 5:30am. The cars in the parking lot, including a BMW M3, were damaged. You can see another car has a hole in its rear window.

Notice how the people below are carrying umbrellas as this alleged domestic dispute rains down on them, with apparently, both the wife and husband throwing things out the window. It’s unclear as to why the couple was fighting.

Kikunews and Hankooki (via tipster Sang) report that the wife didn’t even apologise to the owners of the cars when she and her husband were taken into police custody. Obviously, online in South Korea, people were completely miffed by this show of behaviour.

아파트 ‘부부싸움 테러’ 피해 차주가 남긴 댓글 [WikiTree — Thanks Sang!] 창문 밖으로 집기 다 던져버린 ‘부부싸움 테러’ 움짤 [WikiTree] 아파트 주차장에 날벼락… 부부싸움 민폐 동영상 [Kukinews] 과격한 부부싸움… ‘쑥대밭’ 된 아파트 주차장 [Hankooki]


  • Are we sure they weren’t simply having a clean out? Maybe they were arguing over who had the better throwing style.

  • Notice how the people below are carrying umbrella

    Also notice the drenched ground? It was raining.

    • Asian culture dude. Kotaku (as you can see by the “otaku” in the name) covers both games AND asian culture. Always has, always will.

    • This was also tagged in the real life section of kotaku also so… If you don’t like it don’t read/watch it?

  • Considering I take photos of cars/people that I see anywhere near my car. I would freak the hell out if someone threw something at it.

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