Final Fantasy III Art Keeps Insects Away

Final Fantasy III Art Keeps Insects Away

Twitter user Rurue0111 recreated the Final Fantasy III job classes in miniature on a screen door. 8-bit has never been so good at not letting mosquitos in the house!

Each square on the screen represented one pixel, and Rurue0111 used stain glass window paint, using a toothpick to colour in the characters. Via Togech and Twitter, you can see images of the screen door art below:

“When the weather’s nice, they’re incredibly lovely,” added Rurue0111. They’re lovely when the weather’s crap, too.

網戸に絵が描けるか試行錯誤中に描いた [Rurue0111]
途中失敗もあります [Rurue0111]
網戸にFFⅢ 全ジョブ描いてみた [Rurue0111]


  • I admire the patience for that, having to fill in each empty square with paint. Dedication!

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