Final Fantasy VII’s Famed Motorcycle Level Gets Its Own Mobile Game

Remember that awesome motorcycle chase from Final Fantasy VII? Square Enix sure does — so much so that the publisher is turning it into a game of its own.

It’s called Final Fantasy VII: G-Bike, and it’s a new mobile game Square Enix just announced it at E3. Watch the trailer up top. Here’s a clip of someone playing the original, for a point of comparison:

Square said that G-Bike will be available for iOS and Android devices later this year.


  • So much to snark about… like I wonder what F2P In-App Purchases they’re going to load it with?

      • I don’t. Specifically because I don’t think they can pull it off. Or they don’t understand why that game was great.

        • Its a shame they cant get the originals who made the game great back in the day. Cause the current team just put a nail to the coffin to the Franchise with the FF13 trilogy….
          I still feel though at least give FF6 as well a good rebirth from the 2D era.

      • I don’t either.
        They have never had any intention of remaking VII unless they could create something that has the same impact.

        There is a lot of respect for this title and the place it holds in gaming history. That’s a huge risk to take to make a vocal minority happy

      • Maybe one of the goals of this is to get people ready for a FFVII remake and maybe introduce some new people to the series?

        • True true, but i have been playing on the vita, ps3 and before that on the ps1.
          I just don’t understand why make a FF10 HD, when you could like start back to the PS1 era. They havent touched FF8 or FF9 either… Its like they have skipped those 3. Oh also forgot about FF12.
          Just seems annoyed that they kept teasing with these mobile games from the FF7 franchise

          • As someone else pointed out. It’s just a matter of doing what’s easy. It’s easy to just polish a port existing assets for a game like FFX. But for FFVII they would have to completely remake everything from scratch. They couldn’t just release the same old game but just running at 1080p for FFVII, it wouldn’t look that much better.

          • I believe that given the time, they could do this as a side project. Like possibly leave fans guessing of when they would bring it out and them BLAM E3 2025 FF7 remake. Fans like me will keep on arguing to have the game be made soon but i guess that is what they are doing. if they want sales to sky rocket for Square then they should think about investing in this. Cause living off games who are part of the Edios family ( Deus Ex, Hitman, Tomb Raider) is kind of not right if you think about it. Then again it comes down to time and if they are thinking of ever republishing the title.

  • I am a huge fan of FF7, and i loved that mini-game. But this? This is shit!
    Where’s the great music? where are the other guys on bikes?
    Just do an HD version of the motorcycle game from the golden saucer!
    Fuck it, just do an HD version of the entire god damn game!

    • They just pissed on your picnic doing a tiny section of the game and you want them to apply that to the entire title?

    • Who says they aren’t going to include and original music? One song in a single trailer isn’t necessarily representative of the final score. They could easily add in a few different songs to mix things and and maybe even some different levels, or a Sephiroth bike battle where one winged angel will play. 🙂

      • Sorry. I meant the original track in the trailer. Would have made it instant hype for me. I thought the Advent Children score was a bit average. But yeah, I’d be surprised if they didn’t include the original track in-game

  • I am a little disappointed this isn’t also coming to the Vita, but this will definitely be a buy for me!!

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