First-Person GTA V Would Make Me Buy It Again

First Person GTA V Would Make Me Buy It Again

Until now the next-gen/PC GTA V didn't really interest me all that much but if it includes this first person mod I will be in there like a shot.

This FPS script is the work of XBLToothPik (via CVG) and uses a modded Xbox 360 to hack the game's perspective. Obviously that's out of bounds for most people but an interesting proposition for when the PC version arrives.

And here's a bonus video showing what sort of stuff a hacked Xbox 360 can do with GTA V. Terrorize lampposts mainly.

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    You’ll probably end up appreciating more of the details this way as well.

    First person mod with TrackIR support and I'll give it a try

    The lapdances were partly FPV...

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