Five Minutes Of The Division's Snazzy Multiplayer

Five Minutes Of The Division's Snazzy Multiplayer

Ubisoft and Microsoft didn't have much to say about The Division at the latter's E3 press conference this morning, but that didn't stop them from showing off some lush gameplay footage:

Ubisoft's press conference is later today, so we'll keep our eyes peeled for more Tom Clancy-centric news then.


    I know this might be very cynical of me, but seeing that this and Watch Dogs were revealed at the same time, I just don't believe this is the game I'll be playing when The Division is released.

    The fact that is looks so very cool and jaw droppingly detailed only works against it in my head.

      You're right to be cynical, I feel like I've just boarded the hype train for this one though.

      Another thing is its also a RPG and I honestly don't see gamers playing along with that dynamic the way the voice actors in the footage are, it's very cynical for me to say but I think actually playing this game would be as lifeless as COD.

        Damn right. It drives me up the wall how publishers try to make their multiplayer look like dramatic singleplayer action. It just never will. The voice acting of half-serious, half-gamers in this trailer is just so grating.

        It really just depends if you have friends that like playing in an immersive way... or to win *shrug*. Either way gets you a fun time.

      Yes, I look forward to the "E3 footage versus released game" comparison videos. However, If I can grab this game for $54 like I did with Watchdogs, I won't be too upset.

      Well seeing as it's current gen exclusive and not the same studio as Watch Dogs I'm still going to ride this hype train into the blazing sunset, all aboard

      Considering how rehearsed the 'chat' sounds and Ubi's history... yeah... not cynical.

      The fact it was announced at the same time as watch dogs and not rushed out as a launch title might mean that it actually looks close to what we are seeing.
      But yeah the chat is really cheesy and pre-written. But you expect that with a launch video so they can explain as many gameplay concepts as possible in the time limit.

      I'm choosing to believe that all the Watch Dogs development time actually went into The Division.

    Interesting footage, but I don't think its representative of the finished product. Cautiously excited for The Division.

    As heavily scripted as this is, right down to the voice actors, this actually piques my interest again since the last piece of news. Obviously they've presented an ideal scenario and gaming environment and in practise it's going to be chaos by comparison (unbalanced mics included), but this tells me what the game is going to be about and how it plays. It's worth much more over presentations like that crappy BioWare one.

    love how they used voice actors for this multi-player demo. the reality will be a bunch of 13-15yr old high pitched voices screaming 'noob'

    I actually don't think I've ever been this excited for a game, for whatever reason this just really ticks all the boxes for me.

    However, because of this, I'm even more concerned that Ubisoft will pull, well...a Ubisoft. Crossing all my fingers and toes that they don't.

    So when do we see the game, cause this is just absolute lies

    This and Tomb Raider 10 are my only reasons to get a next gen console so far.
    Like everyone else said - I hope it doesn't suck.

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