Forget Call Of Duty, Xbox Is Getting Some Amazing-Looking Indies

Forget Call Of Duty, Xbox Is Getting Some Amazing-Looking Indies

There are a lot of cool trailers here, but I’m probably most excited for Cuphead, the game styled after 1930s animation.

Ori and the Blind Forest is an adventure platformer that looks oh-so-pretty:

Grave is some kind of open-world horror game where reality shifts and changes. Looks different enough to possibly refresh my interest in an entire genre:

I honestly don’t understand what Gunscape is. First person shooter with user-generated levels? It looks like Eldritch, and I loved that, so I’ll give it a shot:

Habitat looks like a ton of fun. It’s a space simulation where you try and build a new home for humanity out of space debris. I have one question though: How did the statue of Liberty’s head get into space!?

Knight Squad describes itself as a cross between Bomberman and Gauntlet, for up to 8 players:

Spectra looks a little bit like a low-res F-Zero, except it’s set to the sounds of Chipzel, who created the music for Super Hexagon.

With Sony’s big indie push last year, it’s good to see that Microsoft has some great-looking indie games in the works along with their AAA titles.


  • Yayaa. Actually so happy about this. After playing Towerfall on a mates PS4, I was really gutted about the lack of indies on Xbone.

    I downloaded and clocked Max: Curse Of The Brotherhood over the long weekend as it is part of Games with Gold. Cute, but pretty average…so excited for some fresh titles.

    • Been checking that out. Do you need Kinect to play it? Or can you do everything with just a controller?

      • I did the whole thing with a controller. Not sure if you can even use Kinect (would make sense though.) It’s pretty well designed to work with a controller I think. Once you get the hang of it, some bits are really rewarding.

        • awesome 🙂 will definitely download it then. for some reason i was under the impression that it was a Kinect game lol.

  • I am more excited by these than any of the big releases. I am sure the new Assassins Creed, the not so new Halo and all the other AAA games will be great but I just get this feeling that I have played them all before. These look new and fresh, even if it is just a unique art style or game mechanic it is at least something creative that I have not seen anywhere else.

  • Call me Mr. Grumpy, but besides Ori and the Blind Forest, these don’t look that exciting. That game however looks amazing.

  • wow Cuphead looks amazing ! i Can’t wait to try it out (I’m a sucker for old animation styles).

  • Plague caught my eye…. that is a great little game on mobile (killing everyone in the world is somehow quite satisfying…..). After playing though Max (I really like the dynamic – my 7 year old finished it with minimal help so it is not rocket science but it looks pretty) I am looking forward to more games I can pick up without stressing over burning too much time and money

  • Cuphead looks stunning. The short trailers last year did my head in (in the best possible way), and the new one sends me nuts! I grew up with this art-style, so seeing it in game form is just pure magic. Want Want WANT!!!

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