Game Of Thrones Has CGI In The Weirdest Places

Modern CGI is strange. Sure, you can spot it in obvious places. If there's a ruddy big dinosaur or a skeleton warlord, you can be pretty sure it's CGI. But nowadays, CGI is being used in ways you could never possibly spot unless you were in the business. This Game of Thrones video proves that fact.

I mean bloody hell. Ygritte wasn't actually firing arrows from her bow! She was just pretending. That completely blew my mind. I could understand adding fire to the arrows, but no arrows at all? Whoa.

I guess it makes sense. Probably harder to add CGI to a moving object so why not just create the moving object.

But yeah, this is crazy. Well worth watching.

Via Gizmodo


    Most of Legolas' arrows were CGI, as are most of the arrows in The Avengers and Arrow.

    It's really hard to get an actor to shoot fast on cue, and probably is a bit dangerous to have even blunt projectiles flying around a set.

      Yeah, apparently legolas was really crap with a bow, much to the rest of the cast's amusement.

      And firing arrows towards the cameraman and the rest of the crew isn't the greatest idea either ...

    Nolan's Batman movies are also a fantastic example of clever use of CGI. Things like blanking out wires, superimposing scenes together - but then trying to do the big stunts with as much physicality as possible.

    The Sin City bluray had an option where you could watch the flick without CGI - it was essentially actors against blue screens, waving props around.
    I'd love to see a similar extra on a GoT release - I've often wondered how much of the show is shot on sets with landscapes added (the Tower of the Hand comes to mind) and how much is just flat out CGI.

      Sounds like Boardwalk Empire 95% of the show is pure CGI, wouldn't necessarily think so looking at it..

      I would start buying DVD/Bluray collections again if I could have an on/off button option to watch films/TV without CG. I'm still waiting for the multiple camera angle ability they promised me when DVDs came out.

    I've heard some rumours that the nipples are CGI.

      Olivia Wilde's nipples actually were CGI in that crappy body swap movie: The Change Up

        All nipples are beautiful I don't get why they need to 'jazz' them up...unless there's several of them in the wrong place.

    Ygritte wasn’t actually firing arrows from her bow! She was just pretending.

    Gosh, next you'll be saying they don't use actual bullets in Die Hard!

      I know, I always figured that was a really obvious one. The idea of actors being able to whip out, knock and loose arrows with lightning speed isn't very plausible.

        They probably need to nock those arrows too ;)

          Are you nocking my spelling?

          Seriously though, that's a word I've only ever heard/used verbally and as I wrote it I pondered a google search to detiemine it's actual spelling but didn't bother. So cheers, this can be the one new thing I learned today =]

    I feel a spoiler tag is required LOL

    Also... God damnit, why did it HAVE to show Oberyn? :(

    Kinda an awesome recap of the whole season of deaths! love it!

    CGI also negates a lot of safety issues, I'd wager. Real arrows during an action scene = OH&S nightmare.

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