Gamers Hit With Criminal Charges Allegedly Made Lots Of Money

Gamers Hit With Criminal Charges Allegedly Made Tons Of Money

Yesterday, Nexon announced that charges were being pressed against three Sudden Attack gamers for allegedly cheating online. Today, new reports reveal that the teens' apparent underhanded gaming tricks supposedly earned them $US80,000.

According to a report published today by Yomiuri, one of Japan's largest newspapers, two of the suspects, a 17-year-old high school student from Nara and the 18 year-old college freshman from Fukushima, allegedly made 37 different kinds of cheats and from 2011, they supposedly sold them via a dedicated Sudden Attack cheat site online.

The suspect from Fukushima is quoted as saying, "If I was going quickly, I could make one in a few hours." The cheaters allegedly earned 8 million yen ($78,621) from selling the cheats, Sankei News reports. The cheats, obviously impacting the game's balance, caused numerous complaints.

All three of the suspects met in Sudden Attack. The third suspect allegedly streamed the cheats online to advertise them.

Nexon released a statement regarding the arrest to Kotaku. It reads:

Nexon's duty is to provide a balanced and fun environment for all players. Having received a large number of complaints and inquiries regarding the cheats, we contacted the police regarding the issue. Once the investigation ensued, the police contacted us for additional information and we cooperated with their investigation. The Company was not aware that there were minors involved, or their individual roles in the development, use and sale of the tool until the police investigation was underway and the police brought it to our attention. The police eventually made the decision to send this to prosecution — They are able to act on their own volition related to charges of obstruction of a business and it was not up to Nexon whether or not to press charges. From the beginning, our motivation in contacting the police has been to protect and maintain our reputation with players and as a company.

数時間でチート製造、「強すぎる」と苦情殺到 [Yomiuri Online]


    Can't they just patch whatever lets them do this?

      They should do that. But hackers will always find a way. These kids should be made an example of because it's people like them that ruin the experience for genuine players. If I were GabeN for example, if I could confirm a player was hacking, that'd be the end of their Steam account. Library and all, it'd be gone. Then I'd pursue legal action. They deserve to be screwed over.

      *end rant*

    "obstruction of a business"

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