Games Are Harder When Yourself From Two Seconds Ago Is Chasing You

N++, like the other N games before it (Ncestors? Ntecedents?) is hard. In fact, this time, there are "evil ninjas" chasing you in some levels. These ninjas are, in fact, you from two seconds ago and you from four seconds ago, etc. They're not in all of the upcoming PS4 game's 1000 levels, but they are in some.

I shot a short video of these past selves bedeviling a gamer at E3. Poor guy!

N++ is coming to the PlayStation 4 later this year.


    Welp, looks like I'm gonna break a few controllers in total rage, like I did keyboards years ago playing the original.

      Just don throw them at the ground. They can bounce an smash your tele. ;)

    I had N+ on PSP and when I nearly twisted my PSP in half I decided that I would rather keep my PSP and not play it again.

    At least a shattered PS3/PS4 controller is easier to replace than a PSP or Vita

    I played through N+ on DS and loved it. I played (but never owned) it on XBLA and o can't wait to get stuck into the PS4 sequel.
    Introducing yourself as a hazard is absolute genius.

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