Get A Playstation 4 From Dick Smith For $479

Get A Playstation 4 From Dick Smith For $479

$470(ish) is fast becoming the standard price for Sony’s latest console. Fresh on the heels of last week’s CatchOfTheDay deal comes this new offer from Dick Smith. So what are you waiting for? That tax return isn’t going to spend itself.

We’re starting to suspect that an official console price drop might not be too far off. But for those who can’t wait, this is probably the best deal you’re going to get locally.

479 smackeroos gets you the standalone 500GB console, plus free delivery if you order online. You’d be hard pressed to find a cheaper deal overseas, once shipping is taken into account.

There is one caveat, however — Dick Smith is apparently waiting on new stock which means you might have a bit of a wait on your hands. We imagine this shouldn’t amount to a week or two at most, however. The console doesn’t come bundled with any games either, but that’s to be expected at this price point.

The deal is available for today only, so don’t be like Homer when he put off seeing Mr. T at the mall.

So what do you reckon? Is it time to join Sony’s shiny new race of fanboys, or will you be holding off for an even bigger price drop? Give us your two cents (or $479) in the comments section below.

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  • That’s good deal. I nearly bought one in the US recently, but this was actually cheaper once I factored in the exchange rate.

    For those of you so inclined – Kmart is selling basic Wii U’s (the Skylanders Swapforce edition) for $179 from tomorrow.

    • Oh man see I want that without the Skylanders, but they dont seem to sell that as an option anywhere and there are no Kmarts anywhere near me. Y U DO DIS.

      • Yeah – I actually got the same back last week for $200 at Big W. I was able to trade Skylanders and the figures to EB for Rayman Legends. The guy said I was like the 30th person to bring in Skylanders to that store, because it came with the Mario Kart bundle too.

        • Pfft – you kids should have jumped on the Dickie special of $200 for the WiiU premium when that was going – I did, and never looked back ๐Ÿ˜›

          • Wait so I could get the Wii U with skylanders, then trade in the Skylanders and the figurines or whatever and get Mario Kart?

          • Well – probably not Mariokart, but Rayman Legends was on sale, so I managed to trade in the figures for it.

      • Target has it for $189, you can sell the skylanders game, BigW Has MarioKart8 and other titles for $58.

    • God I wish they weren’t white, have to buy a premium so out doesn’t look like I have a toy in my entertainment unit.

  • The wii u for $179 mentioned above is even a bigger steal.
    but yeah, ps4 for that price is totally worth it. Put the savings to a game you want rather than the bundled garbage other retailers offer.

  • I got one last week via Catch of the Day but the games haven’t arrived yet so it’s still in its box

    • Internal storage capacity and colour.

      The deluxe version (black console) has 32gb and the normal (white console) is 8gb. Those figures are before taking into account the storage required for the wii u’s operating system so it drops a bit more.

      I’d go the 32gb model if you can so your covered if you want to download digital / virtual console games.

      • Just jam a usb stick in it to get the storage you need. Personally, I have a cheap hdd plugged in, with 20 or so games on it.

      • I ended up going with the basic, because I thought 32gb was too small to be useful too. Both support an external HDD, which I’m going to need either way.

        That said, the the Pro comes with an IR sensor bar, which you might need if you want to use old wii motes with it (you can also use the sensor bar from the wii).

  • The catch of the day confirmation email said the PS4 was being shipped from Dick Smith starting next week sometime.

  • Just by the by, the catchoftheday deal was run for Dick Smith, so it’s not that surprising.

  • Target is doing the Wii-U Basic pack with NintendoLand and Skylanders for $189 from tomorrow.

  • How much are they actually selling for privately? Have a bravia bonus unit we don’t need and gumtree looks like $500 for new in box, but don’t know how much they’re actually selling for obviously.

    Edit: Got $410, so a $380 profit ๐Ÿ˜€

  • I’m waiting for Sony to release a revised controller that doesn’t have flagrant quality issues.

  • LOL got my PS4 for $406 from the 15% off Ebay wide sale on Sunday. Even more LOL, was from the Dick SMIth store on Ebay…

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