Get Salty Mario Kart 8 Figures In Your Next Happy Meal

Get Salty Mario Kart 8 Figures In Your Next Happy Meal

Great news, people who like buying their food in creepy boxes. Once McDonald's gets over this How To Train Your Dragon 2 business, the next Happy Meal toys are Ty's Teenie Beenie Boos. Or I guess you could go with the Mario Kart 8 figures.

What we'll be having is a fine selection of racers, some in hover mode, others with their rubber meeting the road. Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Toad, Princess Peach, Yoshi and Donkey Kong look nice enough, but my $US4 and change is on that sweet plastic visor. It Won't fit my giant head, but I can wear two on my shoulders to complete my thrift store M. Bison costume.

And no, Luigi isn't sporting his "death stare". That's what toy modding is for.


    ...and the chances of this happening in Australia are...?

      Apparently we're having the train your dragon toys in July, so we should get the Mario Kart ones around August.

    As opposed to extra salty food after the maccas workers pee and ******** into it!

    oooo, I like that Yoshi bike one! Not going to Macca's for a HappyMeal to get it though. Anyone comes across one, hit me up :)

      You can often buy just the toy.

      Waiting for amiibos myself.

    What? I thought they banned toys in junk food meals? or did money happen?

    I don't like it. To me it's not a good look.
    But if it sells more games or consoles. Oh well

    i love how they copy from the american site and get my hopes up for these things... they did the same with the pokemon happy meal toys.

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