Goat Simulator Would Be Pure Chaos In Real Life

What if the absurdity and destruction of Goat Simulator bleed into real life? If this video is anything to go by, it would be kind of amazing.

Stefman398 went ahead and made a live-action version of Goat Simulator, and the results are wonderful. This depiction even has some of the real achievements you can get in the actual game. And having actual humans react to the goat is pretty great too.

Goat Simulator: Random Rampage (Live Action) [Stefman398]


    Im embarrassed this crap is in my steam library

      Are you kidding? (pun intended of course)

      This is one of the best games I've bought in a long time....... not cause its an amazing game but because the developer is honest about how crap it is, The promo material and the game make me laugh, lots. Its an original idea and the kicker is it was super cheap.

      Whats not to love!

    ermahgerd, whert if liek, [insert game] wers rerrrl?!??!?!

    only saving grace here is the absence of an animated gif of the same video

    Hernandez. Order for Hernandez. One bowl of extra strength duh.

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