God Save Us All From The Batmen Of The Future

God Save Us All From The Batmen of the Future

If Ben Affleck can take on the role of Batman, it means almost anyone can. It's only a matter of years.

Here's Animation Domination's glimpse into a dark future where Aaron Paul, Mark Wahlberg or even Adam Sandler can be Gotham's guardian.

Future Batmen [YouTube]


    Groan, we get it, Ben is cool for being a crap choice for Batman, build a bridge already, you know who else was supposed to be a bad choice for Batman, Michael Keaton. Those of us old enough to remember and those us not petty enough to run with this current hate-train, can remember how brilliantly that awful choice worked on. He end up kickstarting a whole new generation of Batman fandom. (and I say all that as a person who really dislikes the work of Ben Affleck)

      I still rate Michael Keaton as one of the best :o)

      Show me on the doll where the bad video touched you

    How about Jason Bateman? He's only an extra vowel away from being the biggest prick to play Batman since Val Kilmer's nipples

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