GTA V Is Coming To PC, Xbox One & PS4

GTA V Is Coming To PC, Xbox One & PS4

Well, you saw this coming.

Grand Theft Auto V is coming to next-gen consoles and the PC

The PC. Mods. For this game. Oh, it's going to be the best.

In terms of new content, GTA Online is getting some new stuff (read more about that here), while the PC version will "feature a video editor designed for advanced movie-making".

It's out this Fall.


    *Chomps Cigar* Hell, its about time.

    Surprised its coming out on the new consoles as well, but I guess if they're putting the effort into the PC release, they might as well port that to the consoles as well.

      I was certain when it was never released on PC that it was being held back so that they could do a multiplatform next-gen/ PC version all at the same time.

      You can bet your ass if the new-gen consoles hadn’t been just about to launch you would have seen a PC version closer to launch last year.

      Personally I still want to see some real new content before I’d buy a new-gen version. Something like a guarantee of Liberty City Stories style single-player content over the next year or so would get me to invest, but GTA Online isn’t good enough to bother re-buying a game that I already finished.

        This. I'd like to see a list of features that Rockstar will be bringing to new-gen before I even consider picking it up. If it's just nicer graphics and higher framerate, I'm going to hold off

        Hopefully they offer something special to lure fans back in. I also completed it and got my 100% a while ago. Just pretty graphics aren't enough for me to re-buy the game for my PS4.

        Really?!? I'm buying at least anither 2 licenses for this game. But I'm a R* fanboy.

          If you’re NOT a R* fanboy then you’re some kind of gamer I don’t understand, but it’s still not enough for me to re-buy a game for a new coat of paint.

          Maybe if it was Skyrim or something like that which seems to always have another few dozen hours of fresh gameplay in it no matter what, but I did every mission in GTA V that I had any interest in and then some. While things like the ability to easily record replays will automatically add to the game it’s going to take some completely new content to get me over the line this time.

            Im one of thise guys that is fine having multiple licenses for many games though I guess. It's just my way of supporting devs. The amount of games I've re-bought on steam or a GoD or PSN sale even though I already have the disc/console version is crazy.

            Basically I buy multiple licenses to let pubs know there is more interest than just my original purchase, so they are more likely to fund the dev of more games like this/in this series etc. Totally buying in to their bs I know but there are plenty of games I plan on doing this with in the future.

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    Are heists even up for multiplayer yet?

    I really want this, it looks fantastic and everything I expected from next gen GTA5, but goddamn I feel jaded about the idea of paying rockstar twice with how bad multiplayer was on 360/ps3.

      The multiplayer had a rocky launch, but it was still stupidly fun as hell. I still frequently jump online with friends to do missions or just dick-around in LosSantos....can't argue with you about the lack of heists though.

        I'd jump back into GTAV for the Online if I still had XBL Gold, but I reupped my gold sub for the launch and was disappointed so I don't want to bother with it again.

        There's a slim possibility I might rebuy for Xbone since I can leech off my wife's gold subscription there and then just jump into the online periodically.

    I touch myself with the thought of GTAV on PC....and it feels good :P

    I'll happily buy it on PC just so I can retire my 360.
    Pretty much the only reason it's still set up is for the occasional trip into GTA Online, which I know folk have mixed feelings for but personally I really enjoy it.
    So I'd be stoked to have that more readily available on the PC.

      Same here. I've done this with each console GTA when the PC one has come out, but I suspect the only use for my 360 now will be the occasional Red Dead and other 360 titles I don't have on PC. Its been so long I can't remember the names off the top of my head...

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    Yay! We knew this would happen! I'm I'll most likely buy it again for half price or even less from a cd key supplier :)

    FINALLY! Now we will get to play GTA 5 without the broken car physics and handling.

      Oh BULL. SHIT!
      Wah wah wah the car handling is shit waaahhhh I just pooped my pants waahhh...
      Listen, please shut the fuck up, ok?
      The driving was great and the game sold millions of copies, yet it's not up to your standard?
      Maybe Rockstar should've hired the wonderful you to be a physics consultant.
      GTA isn't a god damn driving simulator, it's GTA.
      I hope they don't change a freaking thing for this release, just to personally piss you off.

      EDIT: I've seen your other posts, and it's mostly complaining about EA and people that work for Kotaku, so at least you're consistent in your neckbeard fuckery.

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        The name of the game is GTA, correct, GRAND THEFT AUTO. Hench the game is around stealing car's and driving and if the driving is not up to scratch then it will be lackluster. GTA V driving on PS3 feels nowhere near as good as GTA IV on PC. Here's to hoping they change it or a mod comes out using the values for driving/cars from IV.

        With a response like that zer0entity, it sounds like you can't even grow hair on your face, maybe you need some of that neckbeard fuckery. Come talk when you grow some hair on your face.

          Does it? I thought i sounded like an angry old man to be honest.

          Look, if you don't dig the driving in the game thats cool, I just get a bit over people pissing and whinging that it's not on PC or new consoles, then when it finally does get announced, people still aren't happy.

          We're lucky and privileged to even have these games, people dedicate years of their lives and millions of dollars on testing and fine tuning, and i think if the driving or any other part of the game was actually broken, it would be patched out. So since it hasn't, the general consensus is the game is fine, so why bring everyone else down with a negative comment?
          (And yes i realize the irony of my negative response but hey, i just love GTA and felt like defending it)

          Also, i have excellent beard coverage, thick and bushy, pics on request.

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        Tell us how you REALLY FEEL (then take some fucking Ritalin).

        Why can't the vehicles handle & perform better? Your argument is just a fanboy in denial screaming "it sold millions so it's great DAMNIT!"

        Why shouldn't Rockstar improve on elements that fall short? Especially in a game that routinely has missions requiring the player to drive/pilot vehicles with a level of precision not met by the games own abilities.

        If other games had such flaws you wouldn't give them a pass. Say a popular FPS had poor physics where the aim was out & bullets went crazy. I doubt you'd be foaming at the mouth in defence.

        I don't give a shit if I make people angry. I am entitled to my own opinion. I would like GTA to be a chaos simulator, just like it always has been. I am sorry that you want GTA to be Grand Theft Bumper Car Simulator: Epic Backflip Midnight club edition.

        EDIT: I am not even going to read your previous posts about having low self esteem and circle jerking.

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          All good, we're gonna have to agree to disagree i guess!
          I don't agree the vehicle handling fell short, you guys do.

    I told myself that I wasn't going to buy the game again... but LOOK AT IT!

    About. Fucking. Time.

    ...but yeah, we knew this was going to happen. Mods!!! Squeee!!!

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    Took them long enough, but welcome nonetheless. No doubt it'll go up on Steam in Australia for only $30USD more than the USA price.

    I just hope this time around they port it properly, unlike the mess that is the GTA IV port. Still, they did a good job with LA Noire and Max Payne 3, so it should be OK.

      Simple solution to that:
      Log on to the steam shop in your browser (Firefox), enable VPN to US and reload the steam shop - Voila - US market & price. Just buy it to your profile, complete transaction, disable VPN again, fire up your steam client and start downloading.
      Worked for Origin too - That's how I bought myself Syndicate - not available in the AUS shop, $4.99 in the US shop.

        I know that this is an option, but I'm always very wary of trying it. It is most definitely against Steam's terms of use to use a VPN to dodge region pricing. The stated penalties involve locking your account so that you can no longer buy or activate games. It's not as bad as just outright banning your account so that you can no longer play the games you already own, but it would still suck to have to start a whole new account to purchase new titles.

        Personally, I prefer to use either Amazon (no VPN needed) or GamersGate and Green Man with a VPN. That way you're not putting your Steam account (or Origin/uPlay whichever) at risk and you get the US price (or lower).

          Create a 2nd account which is gifting you stuff from the US at US prices - nothing against that in the terms and conditions...

      Preorder with a coupon on GMG, with any luck you'll be able to get it as cheap as $37.50 (base price of $60 before they "remember" to add the Australia tax and a 25% off coupon)

    Yes yes yess!!!!!!!!!111

    WOULD LOVE TO SEE 32/64 PLAYER SERVERS R*. (if you listening.)

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    Can I just buy the online side of the game for cheaper?

    Can't fucking wait. Never played the original release because I figured this was coming. Should be awesome.

    Excellent, Seeing as I already have it on PS3, I'll pick it up in a Steam Sale sometime in the future then.

    I'm hoping that your account on the PS3/X360 will transfer to Xbone/PS4 (online wise)...would hate to grind it out again on two different systems...I can see the PC version being used for testing and hopefully Mods as well (hoping doubly sure that it's fully and correctly optimised for PC)

    On a side-note: why is the controller blurred in the picture??

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      Yeah the accounts are transferable apparently. Even if it's 360->PS4.

      Possibly because it's an Xbox controller and the image might be from the Sony press release?

      I'm hoping that because this generation of consoles are just x86 the porting process will be less destructive to the game...

      I didn't even notice that. perhaps it's a play on the whole "video games are evil" thing.

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    Thats awesome, GTAV is on my pile of shame on 360, I'll get this on XBOX One and finally finish it. Stoked.

    still better than Watch_Dogs.

    *Edit* - Humor, I actually really like Watch_Dogs

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    Oooooohhhhh hell yea! So tempted to preorder for pc but after how bad gta4 was at release I'm gonna somehow have to hold back and see how it releases. Omg this is the best gaming news I've heard all year!

    As long as it doesn't turn out as a crappy port I'm happy. I must have upgraded my rig to "recommended specs" twice before I could play GTA4 above 30fps at low settings. Even then I had decent hardware.

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