Heads Up, Bikers: A Master Chief Motorcycle Helmet Is On Its Way

Heads Up, Bikers: A Master Chief Motorcycle Helmet Is On Its Way

Before he let himself go, Marlon Brando was pretty much the pinnacle of American masculinity. Too bad that Halo didn't come out until a few months after the actor already finished his final role in the 2001 thriller The Score, then. Because you know what he could've used 48 years earlier on the set for The Wild One? A Master Chief motorcycle helmet, obviously.

Thankfully, all you bikers-cum-gamers out there can do Brando one better — soon. The toy and general nerd-swag manufacturer NECA is commemorating Halo's triumphant entrance to the Xbox One generation with the Master Chief Collection by making a custom motorcycle helmet:

The good news? You won't have to rely on cardboard cutouts and lurking outside your local Wal-Mart to snag a spot on one of the kiddie rides to pretend that you're humanity's most powerful cybernetically-enhanced supersoldier anymore. The bad news, however, is that NECA said that the thing is still in a modelling phase and won't be done until 2015.

But look on the bright side: at least that gives you time to finish tricking out your hog to look like one of those awesome Ghost hovercraft-type things, right?


    If you know anyone who works in Emergency Services or health, you know motorbike riding is an excellent way to reduce your life expectancy... But things like this make it seem worth doing anyway!

      you dont even need ot ride a bike, could use it for racing cars, or just for looking at

    As a motorcyclist I'm glad that this will never pass testing in Australia.

      mate why do you say that

        Look at it. For a helmet to get the AS1698 sticker, it has to pass several safety tests which I doubt this will. It has all sorts of bits which don't sit flush like the overhang and enlarged chin guard, both of which will very easily get caught on roads or your own bike if you get thrown off, and can break your neck. Look at most modern helmets, they're usually contoured to the head and if they have protruding parts, they're flexible enough to snap off without resistance. Also, fixed visors are a really bad idea.

    God, I can already hear the wind noise just looking at it!

    Or you could just buy an Icon Variant, spray/wrap it matt green and fit a gold visor: http://townmoto.com/media/catalog/product/cache/1/image/9df78eab33525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95/i/c/icon-variant.png

    i can see this working for those that like it

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