Hearthstone Can Be Cruel

When you replace some of the cards in your hand at the start of a Hearthstone match, you expect new cards. What are the chances that you get pretty much the exact same hand back, you think?

Well, it happened to at least one guy who goes by the handle Scolarion. Granted, what he gets on the second draw isn't the exact-exact hand; a few are obviously a different version of the same card. Still, though. I don't blame him when he's exclaims "What the hell!" I'd be doing the same thing.

The Mulligan is Real [Scolarion]


    That's really unlucky. You can't actually mulligan cards and receive the same ones back in HS - however, with 2 copies of each in your deck, it's possible to replace them with the second copy after mulligain, though INCREDIBLY unlikely.

    Miracle Rogue is all the rage right now... Still trying to find a good counter with Pally without much luck.

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    Meh, the card draw always duded me like that. Never had much luck with card games, which is of course a big reason I never really got into them.

      I find Hearthstone avoids a bit of that by having guarenteed resources (i.e. you don't have to hope you draw the perfect amount of land cards to keep you going). On the other hand, more cards have RNG built-in then something like Magic which is obviously a turn off for some people.

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    When you have 2 of each (or most) card in in your deck, with only 30 card decks the chances of this happening are really much higher then you'd think.

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      Assuming that the original four cards aren't replaced before the mulligan, the odds are:
      (4/26)*(3/25)*(2/24)*(1/23) or 0.006688963% for any specific set of four cards.

        Maths is not my strong suit. Dem probabilities ;)

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    Its not the exact hand, you will notice first hand has gold cards while second doesnt, so in theory still new cards just different qualitys.

    Why the hell is the Auctioneer being mulliganed in the screenshot?

      Because it's 5 cost and he had no other creatures in his opening hand. Hard to say what his deck build is, but Auctioneer would be a mid game strategy at best.

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