Here Are The Last Australian Games To Receive Federal Government Funding

Here Are The Last Australian Games To Receive Federal Government Funding

With $10 million of funding scrapped in the most recent federal budget, Screen Australia won’t be funding any more Australian video games in the future, but late last week it announced the final games to receive funding from what’s left in the coffers. With this final round of grants, Screen Australia has finally spent every single last cent of the $10 million that was given to them.

The games received the final round of funding were:

— Majestic Nights by Epiphany Games, a new action adventure title by the team most recently responsible for Frozen Hearth.
— Bean Dreams by Kumobious, the latest in the Bean’s Quest series. Their most recent effort, Duet, was my personal mobile game of 2013.
— Rebound from Pub Games
— All Star Tennis from Bubble Gum Interactive
— Flick Fighters from Six Foot Kid
— Baffles’ History of Puzzles
— Particulars, which I recently played and enjoyed greatly.

“Our final round of projects is from a mix of newer and experienced teams,” said Screen Australia’s Senior Manager Tim Phillips, “and will deliver entertaining games across a variety of genres and platforms. These final games show the diversity of talent and ideas from Australian teams.”

This final round of funding was chosen by Alex Hutchinson, the Australian-born Creative Director currently based at Ubisoft Montreal.

“We are proud to advise that every dollar of the fund’s $10 million allocation has been spent directly on the Australian games industry,” said Screen Australia’s Chief Operating Officer, Fiona Cameron. “The agency has absorbed all the administrative costs of running the fund to provide the maximum possible benefit to Australian developers.”

You can find a list of precisely where all that money was spent here.


    • Well, yeah. Australia’s biggest studios (one of which was sega) were shut down years ago.
      Even so, what’s wrong with mobile games?

  • Of course this funding was cut.

    Why would we want to support one of the very few growth industries left in this country?

    God help us.

    • Coz mining is in a much bigger rut right now! I mean imagine all the tax they have to pay AND the funding necessary to drill holes left and right to try and find some stuff to dig up!

      Thank you Coalition for seeing the bigger picture and making sure our dying and red lining mining industry can survive another term w/ the much needed extra funding and tax rebates!

      Because we all know mining will last FOREVER! Just ask China… it’s not like they’ve decided to branch out and modernise their whole country and start looking for other business opportunities right? right?

      Mining! All our eggs on an infinite basket! 😀

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