Here, Have A Picture Of Shigeru Miyamoto Trying The Oculus Rift

"It's good. But not as good as the Virtual Boy," he said*

*He totally didn't say that.

I have no idea why this photograph is interesting, it just is. As someone who loves both Miyamoto and the Oculus Rift, I can't help but wonder what he thought of it, or the game ideas he might have for the device. I don't expect Nintendo to enter the Virtual Reality market any time soon, but it is cool to see that Miyamoto is still interested in new technology and what it might mean for the future of games.


    Oculus Rift support for Mario Kart 8 CONFIRMED!!! \o/
    (holyf**kknuckle i think i'd be sick in 2 seconds flat)

      The freaky thing here is, is I had a dream last night about playing Mario Kart 8 in first person.
      (Half Life 3 Confirmed?)

        Mario Kart first person VR? you'd forever have nightmares of looking over your shoulder only to see another freaking blueshell chasing you :P

          The way it hovers above you for a second. It'd be one of those Looney Tunes moments before the gravity kicks in.

          ZOMG -
          I had to Google, it's been done with Mario Kart Wii :D

            wasn't that in a Kotaku article in like the last month or 2? lol

    Isn't Shigeru Miyamoto a long time fan of 3D and VR? Any idea what he's playing in the photo? It's a bit weird imagining him playing Team Fortress 2 or something. =P

      Now I really hope Valve makes him a special Mario hat, along the same lines as the Top Notch ;)

    Imagine if he just threw up everywhere from motion sickness.

    Its either motion sickness or relieving nightmares of things that can give you nightmares ie metroids or origin form giratina or worse still ridley attacking you up close & personal

    Photo says it all. Miyamoto prefers Xbox over WiiU

    Last edited 14/06/14 1:29 am

      And like all smart XBOX fans he's still playing the XBOX 360 instead of upgrading to the XBOX One. =P

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