Here's Why We Need A New DuckTales Cartoon

TheFineBros recently presented late '80s cartoon masterpiece DuckTales to a group of unsullied youngsters. Their reactions justify every half-hour I spent in front of the television with Scrooge McDuck and company.

These aren't slow children either. They completely get that diving into a vat of gold coins would totally kill you, even if one suggests molten gold as an alternative, and another says she'd rather swim in a vault filled with puppies. I'm trying not to imagine the lower layer of animals (pulpies) in that equation.

Eleven of 13 kids say they'd watch the show if they re-aired it today. Forget that. Give us new episodes, and the entire internet would tune in, at least for the first couple of episodes. Then it would get bored and wander off. It is the internet, after all.


    Ahhh DuckTales :) Amazing... These Kid's react videos always annoy me though. Now I'm gonna go be a grumpy old man and play DuckTales on my NES.

    Give me Duck Tales, Chip'n'Dale Rescue Rangers, Gummi bears, Tale Spin and Darkwing Duck! Best Saturday morning cartoons ever!

      yep. saturday morning were wake up 630am for saturday disney on channel 7 then swap over to channel 9 at 9am for WB cartoons, followed by Nines Wide World of Sports for the wrestling.

      Weekdays it was get up at 6 for agro's cartoon connection while channel hoping between channel 10 for Cheeze TV from 7am onwards. Then 330pm til 4 would be channel 7 for TMNT/Transformers/ Afternoon Disney/Amazing, then over to channel 10 for ocean girl/Girl from tomorrow/all the other awesome live action young adult shows, then over to ABC for Nickleoadean cartoons

      You forgot Masters of the Universe and Thundercats! ;)

        You don't want to watch the original Thundercats.... it's sooo bad, Can't believe I loved that show.

        Ah the nostalgia. though I think even back then I wanted someone to kick Snarf in his Snarf-Snarfs :p

          Snarf was freaking annoying, no argument there. All of the other characters were cool enough to make up for his whininess though.

    man.. im 30 and i still wanna watch it z__z

    Haha, love how half of them were dancing along to the theme song. It's just that good :P

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