Here’s Your First Look At The New Mass Effect


Bioware just unveiled a new Mass Effect during EA’s press conference at E3, and it looks gorgeous. The game seems to be in an early development stage — some of the footage/shots was labelled as conceptual — but Bioware spoke of how they’re listening to fans and taking the franchise in new directions. We caught shots of new planets and old familiar races, such as Krogans.

Watch for yourself, in the footage above.

The protagonist, for what it’s worth, is not Commander Shepard (hopefully this isn’t surprising). It did look like the protagonist might be a human though.


  • A rather disappointing presentation. We knew the new mass effect was in development and all they did was saying it is in development. No pre rendered trailer and just showing concept.

    • Yeah, I figured they’d be further in development by now and have a bit more to show. Been over 2 years since ME3 was released.

      • I’m all for them having more time. Anything for them to think things over for the next installation. Since lord knows the ME fanbase won’t be forgiving if they get it wrong. They know that from experience.

      • 2 years is NOT a long time in terms of game development cycles. I say, hold it as long as possible. I don’t want yearly ME titles. As soon as games become annual, I lose interest, i.e COD, now BF seems to be doing something similar.

        The only games that should be annual, are sports games, mainly because you get the new rosters/teams that come with that next season of the sport.

        • Between ME and ME2 there was 3 years and ME2 and ME3 there was 2 years. I’m not even expecting the game to be done, I just figured there’d be more to show.

          • Probably harder, from a creative point of view, to decide what to go on next. If it was another Shephard story, I imagine there would be a lot more to show. But given that it’s kind of a fresh take on the ME universe I’d say that’s the main reason they showed very little.

  • Most exciting part of that advertisement is that Bioware Edmonton are working on a completely new IP, though the merit of announcing that in a ME hype trailer doesn’t make much sense.

  • Mass Effect 1 was/is the best game ever. A true RPG that felt like a 70s/80s sci fi film. The two sequel games were like modern day comic book movies – a lot of flash with no substance.

    Bioware should go back to their roots.

    • While I’m a MASSIVE ME fan, I beg to differ – there’s a bit of psychological distortion going on. ME 1 was partially amazing because it was the first. I loved it to bits. But I realised that it’s like your first sexual experience. Pretty hard to beat even if subsequent ones are objectively better.

      I replayed it recently and it felt clunky and dated compared to the sequels. But back in the day… wow!

      • Clunky and dated compared to the sequels? I mean you are perfectly entitled to your opinion. However, anyone who thinks that Mass Effect 2 & 3 are better than the original is no friend of mine and is not invited to my next birthday party.

        The first game is a completely different animal to the two sequels. The first is the only true RPG whilst the other two are basically Gears of War with some rpg conversations.

        Scanning the planet and launching a probe? The fudge? Mako all day long. Loved the exploration. Worrying about fuel? the hell is that bout? The core story in ME1 was also so much better. Saren was a great villain. ME2 & 3 were too structured and dialed down freedom. Also the best music was ME1 by far.

        The difference between Mass Effect 1 and Mass Effect 2 is the difference between the Matrix and its sequels. It is analogous to the downfall in blockbuster movies of the 80’s to now – compare say Aliens to Avatar (I could cite a million other examples).

        A rough diamond is much better than a polished turd.

      • I realise it’s an unpopular opinion, but I thought ME3 was the best of the series. My enjoyment of the trilogy was very much a case of being about the journey, not the ending, so the end of ME3 didn’t bother me. But what ME3 did do really well was bring some really great twists and endings to the personal stories for all the characters, and that really made it for me.

        ME2 did have the awesome ethical dilemma with Legion though, I thought that was superbly written.

        • enjoyment of the trilogy was very much a case of being about the journey, not the ending,

          Same here. It’s by far the best series I’ve ever played. Heck, I even enjoyed the ending to ME3 – because it showed to me just that: No matter what choices you make, the final outcome in life is always the same. So it’s ultimately about the journey you take and friendships you build along the way.

          It’s going to be ridiculously hard, if at all possible to beat this series.

      • I kinda agree, and I don’t know why. I started ME1 but could never get into it. I love RPGs, I love sci fi, I loved KOTOR and I loved Dragon Age, but for some reason there was just no chemistry with me. I played ME2 and 3 to completion and enjoyed 3 the most.

    • I meant to say I played it again recently (for about the 10th time). However I still remember how amazing it was when I first played it – arguably more amazing in that sense than the other 2 games. That main menu alone with Vigil… Incredible.

      Dare I say I also agree with you – it’s probably the best game I played too.

  • I liked Mass Effect and I’m looking forward to a new game in that world.

    But on a side note, I really feel I’m getting too old for presentations like this. The wide shots of darkened rooms, the rhetoric… the art of saying something when you really have nothing to say. It was a long way to say, “We’re making another ME for next gen and we’re working on a new IP.” Obviously they were trying to establish some sort of emotional connection for the other two minutes and fifteen seconds, however I’m not sure what those emotions were supposed to be.

  • Really disappointed with the mass effect news. I wasn’t expecting an announcement or anything I just wanted more info. It was just a rehash of what we learnt next year.

  • Anyone else getting these videos pausing for several seconds at a stretch? It feels like they’ve recorded a live stream that had to buffer part of the way through and it wasn’t edited out

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