Hideo Kojima Says Metal Gear Solid V Is This Big

Hideo Kojima Says Metal Gear Solid V Is This Big

Metal Gear Solid mastermind says the map for next MGS will be big... 200 times bigger than the map from the Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes. The Ground Zeroes map is the red blotch on the bottom right of his chart. The square it's on is MGS V.

Kojima showed this chart during a Metal Gear-centric video stream today, part of his plan to drum up excitement for the game before next week's big E3 show in Los Angeles.

According to our own Richard Eisenbeis, who translated portions of Kojima's presentation for us English-only speakers, Kojima didn't just brag about the size of V's map but explained that the game's weather and time will change on its own, challenging players to decide when to go on certain missions, how to get to those missions and how to deal with the weather along the way. The situation is always changing, he explained.

Kojima's chart shows the maps of the previous Metal Gear games, all, he said, to scale.

Hideo Kojima Says Metal Gear Solid V Is This Big

... and more recent ones...

Hideo Kojima Says Metal Gear Solid V Is This Big

Kojima also showed off a minute or so of gameplay from MGSV, demonstrating how players will be able to use moveable cover to hide while on the go. That gameplay was clipped here:

You can watch Kojima's full presentation here. He starts showing the map about 49 minutes in:


    I think the difference in this case is that the older MGS games have environments that are well designed, intricately arranged, and even a little area serves a purpose in the story or gameplay. See how tiny MGS2 is, yet the level design in that game played a huge role in how the story and gameplay unite to form an amazing experience.

    having a large area in a game doesn't mean jack if most of it is just travel-filler for an open world environment.

    this is a case of quality vs quantity. But then it's Kojima so i'm optimistic.

      Yeah we want to be heading closer towards the tightly curated design of Snake Eater, not further away from it. Stealth and Racing games are two genres that should stay far away from open world formats.

    200 times bigger than the map from the Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes.

    Is it going to cost 200 times more?

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      That map was tiny as f***. I'm not falling for the hype. Just bring it out and we'll see already. A big map means jack shit to me, a small map with intense gameplay, content and design trumps it every time. This is why Sleeping Dogs, to me, still trumps Watchdogs.

        LOVE Sleeping Dogs! That was such a surprise hit for me.

          Indeed. The fighting system felt intricate, well done and rather deep for a game like that. The hacking system in Watchdogs to be honest, at times feels pretty tacked on. Hopefully for part 2 its done a bit better *shrug*. The whole game feels like a mish mash of averageness.

            I only just found out that the next Sleeping Dogs (Triad Wars) is due to be revealed this year. Fingers crossed it'll be at E3!!

        Kojima doesn't usually design his games in such a way that there are gameplay elements that have no purpose (even the Metal Gear portions in 4 were amping up the tension), so I'm hopeful that he uses the space effectively.

        Plus, for me, the funnest part of Metal Gear games is just f*cking around with guards. I reckon this map will allow for tons of that, so I'm happy.

        agreed. same with arkham asylum vs all the other pseudo-open world nonsense

    Oh man, big maps just make me feel tired. Mixed reactions to this news.

    What this article doesn't explain is that the Phantom Pain map they're showing is just ONE of around 4 or 5 or supposedly similar size, which is just insane. Whether maps of that size make for a good game remains to be seen, but it should at least give players plenty of options for the online mission creation tools that are supposed to be in the game.

    Part me is very, very excited for this.

    - MGS.
    - Open world (especially if it is as dynamic as Kojima says).
    - The Soviet War in Afghanistan is a fascinating setting.

    But there's still a lot of things I'm a little concerned about.

    - Ground Zeroes was a joke.
    - Open world could be done poorly.
    - This game looks at controversial subjects like child soldiers. Kojima has never been very tactful.
    - It'll probably have the same caricature-ish characters, hammy dialogue and unnecessarily convoluted story as every MGS game. And this is coming from someone who's loved the series since playing MGS1 at release when I was 7.

    Overall I'm optimistic though.

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