Hit iPhone Game Threes Coming To Xbox One Soon

Hit iPhone Game Threes Coming to Xbox One Soon

Threes may be most famous for having a near-ubiquitous clone. But the popular puzzle game is coming to Xbox One, a platform where it won't get copied so easily.

The news of a an XB1 version of Threes came during the Xbox press conference pre-show, as Xbox Live guru Larry Hyrb interviewed Threes co-creator Asher Vollmer. Voller's statements mentioned playing Threes in a Snap Mode window, which seems to indicate that it might be able to be played while users are doing other thing with their Xbox Ones.


    I'm a Threes addict. I played/play/will play it obsessively and approaching the top 100 global leaderboards on the Google Play version but seriously? Why is this a good idea? The beauty of Threes is being able to pick it up in the dead time of your day, waiting in a queue, on the bus, during commercials, etc.

    So someone played this and thought "gee, I wish I could do this on a couch!" It reminds me of that period when companies thought their flash-in-the-pan apps were more appealing than they actually were, while completely miscalculating what made them popular in the first place and began porting mobile games like Angry Birds to consoles.

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