How League Of Legends’ Summoner’s Rift Map Is Getting Better

You’ve probably heard that Riot is changing League of Legend’s most popular map. While they have mentioned some of the rationale behind the tweaks before, today Riot took the time to really break down what the improvements are.

In five minutes, Riot explains how the changes improve clarity (they want you to be able to focus on fighting the opponents), they show some comparison footage that displays how the new map differs, they show how your specific location on the map should now be easier to tell at a glance thanks to themes, and they show how the bases have become more distinct — amongst other changes. Pretty neat!

They also make it clear that there may be more changes to come, as they figure out what works best for the map — so don’t be surprised if the map evolves even more as time passes.

If you’d like to see the changes in action, then you might wanna watch a full-on match on the improved map here.


  • Now if only certain champs could be fixed, so that they are a little less garbage at what they are meant to do.

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