How Steam Sales Are Like Pokémon

How Steam Sales Are Like Pokémon

Here in the midst of the Steam Summer Sale, it can be easy to lose sight of why we're buying so many games. Is this really about actually playing things, or is it just about collecting 'em all?

Dorkly's got another way of looking at things: Steam sales are just like Pokémon.

How Steam Sales Are Like Pokémon

A lot of that tracks, especially the bit about only using your favourite ones. And Dorkly's Andrew Bridgman points out a couple of other points of comparison in the comments below the comic: Mega evolutions are DLC and pre-evolutions are early access games. Ha.

Read the whole thing over at Dorkly.


    Watch Dogs uses bait and switch, it's not very effective.

    I find it's less about buying everything and more about fear of regret. They do a great job of getting across the message that if you want to play the game three months from now you'll be kicking yourself for not getting it when it was 75% off. They really make it feel like it's a better idea to buy ten games you're sort of interested in for $10 each than risk wanting to play one later and having to pay $30.

      Very true.

      It sucks suddenly getting the urge/free time to play a particular game, knowing you missed it at 70-90% off during the sale, and now have to either pay full price or wait 6 months.

      Or when your friends all start playing a game they bought a few weeks back during the sale when it was 5 bucks, and you have to pay 30 to join them.

    that was funny :) one of the few things from dorkly that actually made me laugh. ever.

    I've been buying games that I think I'll like, 'cause I figure it's better to support those games even if I don't ever get to play them. I haven't spent any more than $5 on each game this year though.

    OK, how many Steam games does everyone have?
    Personally I have 50.

    Last edited 25/06/14 8:04 pm

      I'm nearing 300. I've played probably about 10% of them. heh.

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