How The Last Game Of Thrones Episode Should Have Ended

Not everyone is pleased with the way the latest Game of Thrones episode ended — so at least one fan took it upon themselves to completely re-do it. Obviously, if you haven't watched the latest Game of Thrones episode, you should not watch this video by Ozzy Man. In fact, you should probably stop reading now.

I'm tempted to say this version is better — certainly, it's the way I wish things would have gone down. But at the same time, part of the reason Game of Thrones is so good is because it dares to do things the way it does. So — this happier version is the way it "should" have ended, but I'm also kind of glad this didn't happen.

The re-imagining is still funny, of course!

And in case you're confused about part of the ending in this version, the cheering scene comes from this reaction video by Sean L (which you should also not watch if you're not up-to-date):

Oberyn vs Mountain (The Denial Version) [Ozzy Man]


    I found that to be genuinely hilarious.

    I decided to give Game of thrones a miss when I heard about it, didn't understand what all the hype was about, basically "knocked it before I tried it".
    Over time I've been seeing stories on certain episodes around the web and thinking "whatev's, I'm happy with watching the news".
    I almost started watching when at the time I heard about this episode " the purple wedding " but wasn't bothered because I had just started reading The Witcher series and so I had my time taken up.
    It wasn't until recently when I heard rumblings on the internet about " The red wedding " that I decided ...maaaaybe I'll watch ONE episode...the first one....Now I'm utterly hooked! I think I watched the entire season one and part of season two over that weekend.

      yeah it was a bit like that for me too...after season 3 finished, i eventually caved to alll the constant GoT hype and decided id start watching it the week before Season 4 premiered... I ended up watching all three seasons the week before season 4 started.

      Lets just say i was very very tired each morning when i got into work... and the weekend?? my god the weekend.... when i saw daylight again i was hissing like a weird ass man-cat beast..

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