How To Build A Life-Size Monster Hunter Dragon

Ever wonder how the giant displays at conventions like E3 get made? Well the folks at Tested took a step-by-step look at the making of a giant dragon for Capcom's booth at this year's E3.

Frank Ippolito was in charge of building the Gore Magala from Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, and the result is pretty incredible. It's built from a carved foam base, covered in a clay-like epoxy, then airbrushed with metallic colours to give it an iridescent shine.

Here's the team coating the finished foam sculpture with epoxy: And here's how it was displayed at E3:

How To Build A Life-Size Monster Hunter Dragon

Making a Life-Sized Dragon [YouTube]


    Now if only the franchise could stop being butchered, that would be swell.

      How's it being butchered?

        It isn't really being butchered, but I personally am not a fan of the series becoming either Nintendo exclusive or not releasing internationally on a platform that can make it look eye bleeding-ly beautiful.

        I still think the series was near perfect on psp, crab claw and all.

          So you want it to look good, but say it was perfect on the psp? What is your actual issue then? Oh, being on a nintendo platform. That must be really break your heart as a console warrior right?

            I just said it isn't really being butchered, sorry my personal reason is so offensive to you that you need to attempt to instigate.

            If we get to the core of why I personally dislike it, it is because it looks like an absolute dogs breakfast in every release on a Nintendo owned platform, I would prefer it was on pc really (fingers crossed China plays nice with their new title).

              You're kidding right?
              It is gorgeous on the Wii U, and its 3DS port is as visually impressive.


                That is a console screen shot... Dat reality check! It is just as bad as it was on a handheld five years earlier.


                Meanwhile the PC release looks like.


                As for the ds, I would be impressed if every level was not a barren wasteland.


                  Looks fine to me buddy
                  Graphics =/= game

                  I'm glad you enjoy your monster hunter looking like it does on PC. But hey, I enjoy the Wii U/3DS MH's and think they look fine and have NO issues with MH4 coming out exclusively on 3DS

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