I Just Heard A Mario Kart Joke In My PS4 Game

Lego Marvel Super Heroes contains all sorts of great cameos. It also includes a Mario Kart joke, made by the Human Torch, right before you go to Thor's home realm of Asgard where they have got a rainbow bridge.

I heard this while playing the PS4 version of the game over the weekend, and I captured it for your amusement.

Good one, Human Torch! Timely too. How'd he know I was playing the game just after Mario Kart 8 came out???


    I haven't played these games for a long time, but since when do they have voices in Lego titles?

      Batman 2 was the first one - and ever since then they've had voices

    I just wanted to say that I found this game pretty damn good. been playing it with my 5yo son and he absolutely loves it. Picked it up for $5 on Steam but well worth a lot more. So much content. We've unlocked all charactersm (100+) and still chipping away at the last few gold bricks but man what a fun way to chill and blast through a game. I've never played a lego game but I'll keep an eye out for anything half as good as this one.

      My son and i love it as well it is fantastic plus all of the characters available makes it worthwhile. Same cannot be said of the Lego Movie game which is buggy as crap (although i have experienced multiple times a fc (ps4) on superheroes). I have not heard anything about the Hobbit but i hope it is better than the movie tie in.

        Yeah i'm thinking of not picking up any prior titles as I suspect I'll be let down. He has fun free roaming but hope there is another one as good as this soon.

          Lego Batman 2 is pretty good too. Kept us amused for a few weeks, and was only $5 on 360, so it's gotta be cheap on PC too.

    Lego Marvel Super Heroes is also available on Wii U (and pretty much every other console under the sun), but I guess "I just heard a pop culture reference in my videogame!" doesn't make for a very luring title, does it?

    It's a pity Nintendo ruined the N64 Rainbow Road in MK8. So much potential wasted.

      It was ruined to begin with :P

      New one's pretty rad, it just sucks that they've turned the one lap into three segments like that.

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