I Like What Tomodachi Life Did To My Voice

Tomodachi Life is out today. There's a lot to say about Nintendo's whacky life simulator and the game's lingering controversies. But why say them in my voice when I could be talking in any number of ridiculous computerised Mii voices?

Character creation menus always bring out my insane gamer side, and the one in Tomodachi Life proved especially delightful in some surprising ways. Just making Mii avatars is adorable and quirky on its own, of course. I spent more time than I care to admit tinkering with this before I settled on a short, stubbly white guy with a massive head, bug-eyes and giant hipster glasses — i.e. me.

But then I discovered all the different ways I could adjust my voice in the game. And, well, you can see for yourself what happened next.

Don't worry, the game only gets more bizarre from there.


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