I Will Buy Any Starship Lance Henriksen Wants To Sell Me

The commercial for Star Citizen's MISC Freelancer may be fake, but the desire to buy is quite real, thanks to the reassuringly gravelly narration of Aliens actor Lance Henriksen.

If I had a spare $125 to $US180 to pledge towards a virtual ship, the Freelancer is the one I'd pledge it to. It's dependable and roomy, with the firepower to keep those long cargo runs incident free. Or something like that. Whatever, Lance Henriksen says it's the best, I'll go with that.

Along with the release of this latest in-engine work of commercial art, Star Citizen has also finished up its "The Next Great Starship" contest, with the winner getting their ship in the final game (it's in player hangers this weekend, as a special treat), and announced the game has reached $US45 million in crowdfunding, nearly enough to hire Lance Henriksen to come to your house and read you bedtime stories every night for a year.


    Unfortunately, the actual persistent universe portion of the game won't be out until at least 2016. Until then, Arena Commander will have to entertain us.

    Yeah this Commercial was done pretty darn well! I already own a Freelancer and this commercial made me even more glad to own one! I'm not sure if I'll upgrade to a variant or to just keep the original. The orignal seems to be best all-rounder ship.

      I'm stuck on an Aurora MR, and every new trailer makes me regret that more and more.

        Yeah it's sucks we can't change packages and keep our alpha slot. I was going to upgrade to the Connie but missed out. Not keen on buying the ship by itself.

          You actually can :) there are 'Cross chassis upgrades' available in the pledge store so you can upgrade to a better ship but keep the same package contents.


          It only goes up to the hornet (you'd buy an additional hornet variant upgrade if you wanted a hornet variation) at the moment but I expect that it'll be changed in the future to have more options

    Soooooo now I have another ship on my list of must have ships

    1. Millennium Falcon
    2. Firefly class transport
    3. MISC Freelancer

    I am detecting a pattern here

      You can probably replace your list with the RSI Constellation. It was designed as an in-game representation of the Millennium Falcon, and it's the ship that pretty much any Freelancer owner would want if they had a bigger wallet and a couple of reliable crew to help fly it. It doesn't have a fancy commercial yet but the more you look at it the more you'll want it.

        No It's too clean, I want something with character.

          maybe buy one then crash it a bit then don't fix it. lol

    Can someone please explain to me exactly how this works? Do you have to buy a ship to play? Can you just buy the game at launch and then make money to buy a ship? I'm confused as I haven't been following from the start. :(

      Any ship people are buying now can be bought with in-game money or otherwise acquired, so you can wait for the game to come out then buy it at launch or whatever and earn any ship.

      Just if you buy now you're supporting the development of a game without a publisher, and you get some neat little toys along the way that are largely useless shiny add-ons.

      I got a Freelancer package ages ago and just upgraded it to one of the new variants this morning :D

        Neato, makes sense. Are upgrades free or do you just pay the difference?

          Typically you pay the difference. If they decide to upgrade the ship you already bought then you get that, but that's only happened once that I've noticed,

          They're bringing out variants to the standard models as they develop them, so you might have bought a Commodore when it was announced 6 months ago then they developed the Calais and Statesman and you can either keep your Commodore or pay the difference to upgrade to something with more shiny bits.

      I could be wrong but I think the cheapest entry to the game at the moment is the Aurora package, for $30USD.
      gets you the most basic ship in the game (an alternate most basic ship is in development) plus the finished game when it's released and a couple of other goodies.

        Neato, thanks for the info. Would the Avenger, 300 or Hornet be the best 'can do most things' ship?

          Depends what you wanna do really, I'll probably get one of those as a second ship with in-game moneys but I haven't decided which one, or what i'd use it for.

          I'm no expert but I think all three of those are sort of local fighter type ships. Here's a link to the ship specs page so you can see exactly what separates them.

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