IGN Says The Last Guardian Has Been Cancelled. Sony Says It Hasn't.

IGN Says The Last Guardian Has Been Cancelled. Sony Says It Hasn't.

IGN is reporting that, according to "sources" privy to an internal Sony meeting last week, Sony's The Last Guardian - long in development limbo - has been canceled. Only for Sony to come straight out and deny it.

The IGN story reads:

While many at IGN have been eagerly hoping for the appearance of The Last Guardian at E3 this year, we won't be seeing the game anymore. IGN has received a report this evening that "The Last Guardian is finally cancelled." According to our sources, the information was disclosed in "Sony's internal meeting last week."

The story was accompanied by this tweet:

Almost immediately, this drew a response from Sony's Scott Rohde, who tweeted:

For reference, @yosp is Shuhei Yoshida, President of Sony's Worldwide Studios.

We're contacting Sony for clarification and more context, and will update if we hear back.

UPDATE - IGN has since amended the story to say the original report came from IGN Russia, and now writes "We're committed to getting the full story and will be updating this piece with more information as it develops."


    Looks like Kotaku AU ate the tweet code. Sorry! Until it gets fixed You can see the tweets on the US site:


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      Good work as usual Luke...

        Seriously? He posted a follow up, what else was he supposed to do?

        Dude I gotta say this in this respect, give him a break, he went to the extent of posting that in the comments section. Other authors usually just leave it be.

          Other authors like Luke, in other articles ;)

          But I agree, he acknowledged the problem so that's cause for leeway from me.

        I reckon it cuts Luke deep to know that whiny internet nerds don't like him.

          Don't be so hard on yourself. It's cool that you're a nerd and god loves you.

    Can the game even be profitable if it gets released by this point?

      Yeah its pretty weird hearing story after story about layoffs at studio X meanwhile this team hasn't produced a game since 2005.

      It would at least be less of a loss. Plus, it may have followup effects, like selling more PS4 systems. The Last Guardian will be a PS4 game. I'm sure that's one reason for its delay.

        Yeah, but at this point you've got to question whether they're just digging themselves in deeper by continuing. I mean there's got to be bigger problems at play for it to have been delayed this long so it seems likely that even just between now and the time they finally do get something out they'll have sunk more into the game than they'll make back.
        I really want to see what they do with it and I'll be sad if they cancel it, but the game has taken long enough I don't think anyone would really hold it against them for cancelling it. I'm normally the first to get outraged when the business side is put first, but they missed almost an entire generation.

          They have missed an entire generation! It's been quite a lengthy development.

          I believe the game design was finished years ago. Remember when Ueda left Sony? His part in the game was done at that stage. Not much more for him to do. I think he wants to move on from game design, anyway.

          Team ICO games are known for their ambitious design, and I'm sure that TLG is no different. It was amazing what they were able to eke out of the PS2. Technically speaking, SotC should have been a PS3 game. I vaguely remember that they had to redesign the last colossus, as their initial vision for it just wouldn't work on the PS2. They could have delayed SotC, recoded the engine for the PS3, so the game better meets the design vision. They didn't do that; they just changed the game design and released it on PS2.

          I think Sony have made the opposite decision for TLG. Instead of compromising the game design, they've decided to move it to the PS4, and create a new game engine for it. That's a gutsy decision, and seems to show how much they believe in the game. Any other game development group, any other game, it probably would have been released already. I think it can be released already, but it would miss out on some things that would make the game very special. Sony apparently don't want to do that. Don't ask me why. That depends on the game's design. I can't take an educated guess on that.

    Looks like ign has to drink from the noob cup, a punishment for incorrectly putting out info

      When hasn't ign done that?

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      It certainly wouldn't be the first time.

    Isn't it a bit strange for Sony to respond to "rumours and speculation"? More so responding so quickly. I take it as a teenie tiny glimmer of hope...

    Sony wants to keep the running joke going. If it was true that it was cancelled Sony would be denying it left and right, especially just before E3 and IMO they would not have responded so fast in saying it wasn't cancelled if they planned to show it at E3 for dramatic effect. I still think it is coming but Sony need more then words - they need to show a small, 2 minute trailer to show that this still isn't Duke Nukem Forever all over again.

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    Any time a game is delayed by an entire console generation, the results are never good. Too Human, anyone? Let's not even MENTION Duke Nukem Forever.

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