In The Sims 4, Emotions Can Kill You

In The Sims 4, Emotions Can Kill You

The Sims 4 is finally arriving on September 2, EA announced during its E3 2014 press conference. It looks like it’s going to be an emotional experience — one so intense that your sims could literally die of laughter.

Get excited, Sims fanatics. If you thought the character creation menu was bad, just wait until you start tinkering with the laughter level of a sim like EA did in the demo.


  • I hope they find a way to break it up into smaller parts that they can sell me for 60 dollars a piece.

    They could start you off with only one job unlocked and then you could purchase additional jobs for your sims for 3.99.

    They should make your sim going to work take place in real time and you can buy wrist watches for 1.99 that you can spend in game to bring your sim home early so you can play with them again.

    • I just love all the household items you can get in the many expansions, I wish there was a way I could buy my virtual couches & chairs in simple and quick micro transactions..

      Wait they already do this.. Don’t joke Pete this shit is already happening.

  • Pfft emotional deaths sound boring, I always just liked using the rosebud cheat to build a huge mansion then when the family move in slowly remove all the doors and windows and watch them wet themselves then die. I would then I would move they Urns outside where they turned into gravestones and moved a new family in and repeat the process. That house was haunted to shit!

  • From the headline I thought sims was becoming creepy realistic, as in that one sim you never got along with decides to murder you one day, jilted lovers from affairs or clingers that begin to stalk you.

  • You can laugh to death in real life, too, you know. True story. But anyway, yay, release date! Now gimme the specs so I can confirm being sad about not being able to play this.

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