Inane Internet Quiz Asks 'What Kind Of Video Game Is Your Life?'

Inane Internet Quiz Asks

It's about time, stupidly inaccurate Facebook-shared personality quizzes. While I do not care which Supernatural character I should date and am only mildly curious as to which My Little Pony I am , I very much want to know what kind of video game my life is. Let's find out!

Brand publisher WD Ventito crafted this video game themed personality quiz by hiring a team of scientists to carefully track the life achievements of a group of 1500 test subjects, comparing their existence to various video game genres and platforms on a point-by-point scale.

I made up the previous paragraph in its entirety — it's not true. This test was just tossed together for sharing. There's no way a selection of random questions about video games can determine anything other than the direct answers to the questions posed — and even then folks are going to lie to check out different results.

Here's me:

Inane Internet Quiz Asks

Close, except I'm fascinated by fads and can count the number of really close friends I have on one had. Fellow Kotaku writer Yannick got "Mobile Game", and he's not asked me for a single dollar since he started working here.

There is no science here — just the joy of spending five minutes doing something stupid and then sharing it with the rest of the class. Head over to Buzzfeed to take the dumb quiz, and report back to us with your findings.


    "You got: Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game"
    Spot on I guess.

    I got Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game. I like RPG's but I'll always take single player over multiplayer.

    I got 'platformer', and I'm OK with that.

    You got: Platformer

    You had your ups and downs, but you’re still kicking! You’re the rare type who’s resilient in the face of adversity, and while each year brings new challenges, you tackle them with ingenuity and persistence. In your spare time, you enjoy collecting various knickknacks and figuring out how things work.

    Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game. There's a "Role-Playing Game"?

    Last edited 01/06/14 5:31 pm

    'Arcade Game', Not sure where that came from

    Everyone you've ever loved is dead. Your life is Dark Souls. (You had a budgie, but he died.)

    How the hell did I get 'please pay .99c to find out'...

    Alright, Platformer! As far as BuzzFeed quizzes go, this was pretty cute.

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