Indie's Take On Skyrim Delayed Until... The Future

Indie's Take On Skyrim Delayed Until...The Future

Frontiers, an indie take on a Skyrim-like experience, is looking very promising. It was also meant to be out this year. Sadly, it now won't be.

When will it be out? The developers have decided on an "it's ready when it's ready" approach, which will please some looking for a polished and complete experience, but might also set alarm bells ringing, since this is a Kickstarter project after all.


    Ergh. I'm a backer. Saying 'might set alarm bells ringing' is basically just fear mongering. Frontiers seems to be travelling pretty well, and Lars (main developer) is basically strongly hinting at it being out by the end of 2014, as well as having provided backers with a detailed task sheet showing current progress on assets, development, etc.

    TLDR: The way Mr. Plunkett has phrased this article makes it sound way more pessimistic than it should. The game is looking amazing.

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