It Is The Final Day Of The Steam Sales And It Is Insane

As is the wont of the almighty Steam Sale, there is an encore day. A day where all the best deals of the week come plodding back to haunt the ever-loving shit out of your bank balance. I am the bearer of good/bad news. There are a lot of great deals waiting to be had.

Actually this encore day is ridiculous to the point where I'm struggling to select a few of my favourites, but I'll give it a try...

— 75% off Dishonored at $11.24 — 60% off The Stanley Parable at $5.99 — 80% off The Witcher 2 at $3.99 — 80% off Terraria at $1.99 (ridiculous) — 75% off Skyrim at $8.74

Seriously, I could go on.

— 75% off Arkham Origins at $7.49 — 75% off Dragon Age: Origins at $7.49

Okay I'll stop now. You can head to the Steam home page and make your own minds up. Don't say I didn't warn you.


    If you haven't played the Stanley Parable, correct this immediately.

    It might be a walking simulator but there is so much fun to be had in seeing just how far you can push the game while it pushes back.

      It's also worth playing the free demo even if you have the main game, it's a completely separate experience!

        The start of the demo with the 'credits' was hilarious.

      I played if for a few hours the other night, and I'm not one for following what people tell me. Until the screen blacks out... Haha

      The only thing I bought this sale! I seem to get less and less every year.

    Highly recommend BattleBlock Theater. It's got a LittleBigPlanet thing going on.

    Some great humour in it to. This is the intro to the game:

      BattleBlock Theatre is also going to be free next month on Games with Gold for Xbox 360!

      eurgh. why did you do that? I thought my buying was done for this sale. you're the worst.

      The cutscenes continue to be amazing. Definitely pick it up.

      That game has the best trailer in existence.

        Gosh I love Stamper!

    Haven't bought anything from the Steam sales, nothing was appealing or i already had it so was bit of a bummer as have gone crazy in previous years.

      That's the problem with Steam. It's not really a game distribution platform, it's actually a huge MMO with tonnes of microtransactions. The problem is that the end-game isn't very strong, once you've collected all the games there's not that much left to do.

        Dorkly summed it up pretty well.

      yeah. I was only tempted twice this year. Everything else I had already... and if I recall most of what I had already I bought when they were deal of the week for $5 instead of $7 which seemed to be the average price for bigger games this year. I was a little disappointed.

      It's starting to feel like if you spend a little every time you see that a game you want is a weekly deal or in a flash sale you aren't really gonna see anything new at the bigger sales. Perhaps thats a good thing for your wallet though lol.

    I'm thinking about picking up Wolfenstein, or would I be better of just getting the console version in a couple of months time for cheap?
    I'm not going to have time to play it until then anyway...

      I have it on Xbone and while it's a very good game I don't think Wolfenstein is one of those titles that is going to hugely benefit from being on PC unless you just generally prefer your games on PC. I don't feel like there's a lot to be gained from modding, no special multiplayer interest, etc.

      Since we get Australia-taxed the hardest by newer AAA-titles on Steam you might as well wait until you can get it cheaper when it's a bit older and you actually have time to play it.

      Last edited 30/06/14 9:50 am

        ...You've forgotten about the vast superiority of keyboard & mouse vs gamepad as a major drawcard for the discerning FPS gamer. :)

          unless you just generally prefer your games on PC


            Any opportunity to praise the keyboard and mouse must be taken! 'Generally prefer' is nowhere NEAR strong enough to describe the monstrous inefficiency of gamepad in FPSing! You might as well have said... uh...

            Ahhh, I'm starting to get cold/fluey, I havs teh dumb, pretend I launched into some zealot's tirade about KB&M superiority which toes the line of poe's law.


                Wow. I didn't expect that to work. My zealotry is validated and reinforced and with renewed vigor I go to the forums to spread the Word, full of fervor and hope! Nothing can possibly go wrong!

          I much prefer to play single player campaign games with the controller.

          Multiplayer FPS I like the mouse and keyboard, but campaigns, I like the controller and being on the couch with the projector. It's just more immersive for me than sitting at the desk.

          So unless Wolfy is *much* better on the PC, I think I'll wait and grab it on the console.

          Thanks for the feedback guys!

            You know, it's funny, since I upgraded my PC and plugged an HDMI cable into the TV, (which is obscenely, decadently large) and started playing some games on the couch, it's interesting which ones I do and don't mind playing there, after a weekend of experimentation. I actually found that the FPSen and anything else requiring immersion was better at the desktop instead of the couch purely because the (also obscenely large) monitor actually occupied more of my field of view than the TV does, thanks to being so close. It takes up more eyeball space being so in-my-face.

            I could probably solve this by moving the couch closer to the TV (and wrecking my living room's feng shui) but the mouse/keyboard is also a little weird to control from the couch. Strategy/turn-based games are pretty great on the couch, though. Had a lot of fun with that Double-Fine space one - Deep Space DF-9 or something? Had my brother sitting next to me, back-seat driving.

          I used to think some FPS's were pretty well suited to the gamepad. Arcadey-types like Borderlands. But then I played Borderlands 2 on PC and now I'm quickscoping headshots all over the place and hip-firing with surprising accuracy.

          Those menus are still a bitch with the kb+m though.

            Yeah, watch any Let's Plays of Destiny's PS4 Alpha and see any spot where they appear to be having trouble and 9 out of 10 times you can SEE that it's because of aiming issues. Their shots aren't landing where they should, aim-correction is taking too long, they're not headshotting, whatever.

              Whack up the controller sensitivity and ignore the kbm!

      Well. Personally... I read the Digital Foundry. they were impressed with the unflinching performance of the consoles.

      Even though I do prefer my mouse and keys this game looks like it'll be fun on the couch anyway. Plus I decided a while ago that when I get wolfenstien it will be on console. Not because of graphics or controls, but because of the games size. Personally my internet isn't up to the task.

    Only game I bought was lego marvel superheroes for the daughter to play and after seeing how terrible the keyboard is for lego games went out and bought 2x360 controls for $36 each at eb just so I didn't have to use 3rd party program for the ds4

    But now that I've got 2 controls for pc any games I decide to buy to play with the kid I can get it dirt cheap

    Last edited 30/06/14 9:47 am

      Steam should have a category for controller supported games. Feel free to poke around and see if anything there takes your interest.

      X1 controllers now have official windows drivers also.

        They connect with the power cables too now, don't they? For the 360 controllers you needed a special wireless dongle.

          Or a wired 360 controller, which I have anyway so I can use it with the PS3 :)

            Wait... that works?

              Yes and no. I bought an adapter from PlayAsia to use my Logitech G25 with the Xbox 360 (which was terrible btw), however it also works for using PS3 controllers on X360, and X360 controllers on PS3.

              You plug a PS3 controller in via the adapter, sync it (as controller 1, 2, etc), then unplug it and replace it with the X360 controller.

              Works a treat, but only with the wired controller as wireless X360 controllers even plugged in via Play and Charge are wireless only.

              PS3 controllers on X360 are easier, because when charging they act as wired controllers.

                Why would anyone want to use PS3 controllers on Xbox? Ugh, gross.

                  Well my reasoning was G25 haha, but it emulated a controller instead of a steering wheel, so sucked hard :(

            I have a wired controller for the PC but I also have a wireless dongle so my wife can use a wireless controller from the couch because she hates sitting in the computer chair for long gaming stretches. If we can hook up our Xbone controllers too, we can get four-player Spelunky and Broforce happening!

      LEGO Marvel for $4.99 is my pick of the whole sale. Great game.

      I haven't used the DS4 for PC but the DS3 works a charm if you still have your old controller lying around. You still need to install the MotionInJoy driver to use it but then you can control the syncing etc with BetterDS3 which is, surprisingly, better. Just6 remember to unplug the power on the PS3 before starting.

        I use DS4. It's far superior to DS3 as you don't need any other programs to get it to work. You just install DS4 and it's done. Automatically shows the controller as an Xbox controller.

          Sounds good. Why is @mrguy having trouble with it then?

            He went plug & play instead of downloading a program to trick Windows into thinking a Ps4 controller is a 360 controller

              Ah ok so you still need a program running? You have to launch it each time you connect the controller?

          Really? every where I read said I needed to download DS4TOOL to have the DS4 work oh well lol

    This pretty much sums up my Steam Sale...

    Own it....
    Own it....
    Own it....
    Own it....
    Own it....
    Own it....
    Own it....
    Own it....
    Own it....
    Own it....
    Own it....
    Own it....
    Own it....
    Own it....
    Own it....
    Own it....
    Own it....
    Own it....
    Own it....

    Not interested in another pixel indie....
    Not interested in another pixel indie....
    Not interested in another pixel indie....
    Not interested in another pixel indie....
    Not interested in another pixel indie....

    EDIT: AAAAannd... Since I was on a team that wasn't the "Red Team" I stood fuck all chance of getting free games in my wishlist. YAY!

    Last edited 30/06/14 10:22 am

      Yeeeeeep. Dat Shovel Knight though....

      Boy am I sick of pixel-art indie titles and shit created in RPG Maker.

        I wish they'd bring back Steam's (quite high) quality control. There's so many shit games (not to mention the thousands of 10+ year old games) flooding the store. You have to wade through a massive pile of shit to find anything decent; and then wade some more to get through the early-cash-grab-never-getting-finished-access games...

      Red team master race.

        Down voted because as part of Team Blue that's all I can achieve! :P

          Ha! You guys got a vaguely insulting award at the end too. "Under the radar", isn't that just a nice way of saying 'didn't accomplish much'?

          Anyway, the whole contest was rigged, without a doubt. I watched the tallies all week and especially on the last day and there's no way it would have played out the way it did if the results were genuine.

            I doubt we will see a return of that little competition.

              Why? It worked out great for Steam, People were buying cards like crazy.

                I managed to get a foil card from just voting. Sold it for $2. Aww yeahh.

                After that I put all of my cards up for sale - earnt $5.88 so far and still have heaps more up for sale. :D

                The cards have always done well... This teams BS was rigged.

      I was on Red and I didn't get any wishlisted games :(

      30 people a day is a really small amount of people. Should have been higher...

    Thank Gaben I have no money available to spend.

    Personally I found the Steam Sales this year to be underwhelming.

    Then I checked my Steam catalogue and realised I have around 270 games...

    And I realised it wasn't underwhelming, I just had SO many games from previous sales, I owned most of the ones on sale this time!!!!


      The Steam Sale Paradox.

        It's pretty much a real thing now lol. You can literally 'out sale' yourself at some point by getting TOO MUCH value.

        Well played Gaben.... well played.

      I think I had 265 when the sale started. Still managed to buy or be gifted around 10 or 15 items.

    Got Plague Inc & Alice: Madness Returns for a handful of TF2 keys. Hooray for not paying for your paid games...

    Just on 'Sales', ebay is having this sale where you get 20% off your final purchase from Dick Smith, Good Guys and others. So you can get 20% off a PS4 for example from Dickies ($423) Not bad.

    Last edited 30/06/14 11:20 am

      Soooooooo tempted to get the PS4 at that price!

        20% off sale ends today...

    I bought The Witcher 2 and Tomb Raider. $9 all up.

      And with the absolute dozens (if not approaching 100+ with Witcher 2 involved) hours of gameplay you'll get.... best 9 bucks spent ever!

    Picked up Wasteland 2 and Divinity - time to get my isometric RPG on!

    Well, I got The Elder Scrolls V: Legendary Edition for a damn good price and Bioshock Infinite with Season Pass for an equally good price. I already had everything else that I was interested in

    The only summer sale I've had a decent amount of cash in. I think I'm done buying games for a while. A long while.
    -Civ V Brave New World
    -Shovel Knight
    -Payday: The Heist
    -Payday 2
    -Super Meat Boy
    -Resident Evil 4
    -Dark Souls (port is worse than I imagined)
    -Amnesia: The Dark Descent
    -Batman Arkham Origins
    -Rayman Legends

    Ashamed I bought so much, but I've got a lot to play now..

      The biggest lament I saw was people downloading all their new games and hitting their data limits so their download speed was capped. The consolation is they have plenty of games to keep themselves amused while they wait to be uncapped again.

        Unlimited internet, yet very limited hardrive here :P

      Do Not give up on dark souls!
      One of the best games I've ever played even if it did shit in my corn flakes and rape my dog.
      Download dsfix and play with a controller!

    I may or may not have spent US$243.....
    Okay I did spend that.
    But in my defence there were a lot of games sadly lacking from my Steam account.
    Situation rectified.

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