Kim Kardashian's Video Game Is The Stuff Of Nightmares

Kim Kardashian's Video Game Is The Stuff Of Nightmares

Kim Kardashian is coming to video games. In exactly the manner you would expect.

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is on its way for iOS and Android. Note that the objective of the game is to "create your own aspiring celebrity and rise to fame and fortune". Why become famous for something you've actually done when you can just become famous?

Various tabloid and entertainment sites are buzzing with teases and speculation about the game following a "reveal" on Kardashian's Facebook page, oblivious to the fact that developers Glu have a lengthy gameplay trailer up on their YouTube page. And by lengthy I mean over an hour.

So, yeah, it you can dress up, go on dates, and do...stuff, with the opportunity to spend money at every turn.

To all those hoping Kardashian's gaming debut would be a JRPG, I'm sorry.


    If it really is a game about how to become famous then I look forward to the part where it turns into a seedy adult game.

      Or when Kanye takes the stage at E3 2015 and says. "Ima let you finish Phil but I just wanna say Kim had the best game of all time!"

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        I want that to happen so bad

        I want to see Kanye deny that Kim is a hobbit.

          One thing I know is my girl ain’t no Hobbit!
          Except for one time she went to kill that dragon, she took its gold and she- hang on a minute, I’m sorry, I’m sorry!

      My first thought was that it was a sex game. I mean, the sex tape was the only thing of actual value (still debatable) that she has ever done.

      I also look forward to the women's magazine* video game where you're provided with a series of candid celebrity photos and have to place arrows to their cellulite and fill in 'witty' comments about them.

      * I was going to name any specific one, say NW, but they're all the same and each could be represented by this game.

    I would rather slade down a razor blade on my testicles and land in a vat of vinegar than play this........."game"

    They changed the word customize to Kustomize, the arrogance is mind boggling

      Too far man. Too far. *Shivers*

        Shame it wasn't about being Kim herself, then it could have been a Kimulator.

      I'm not defending this (undoubtedly terrible) "game", but Mortal Kombat has been doing the same thing for years, and nobody seemed to mind.

        I think it's more the reason why. MK did it as a way to make the name unique to the game where this seems more like stuffing self important references where there shouldn't be.
        (The fact she is helping you become an A-list celeb is a good indication of how highly she thinks of herself)

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        Maybe that could be a crossover. Mortal Kimbat.

        But with MK the misspelling prepared you for the greater depravity of tearing out your opponent's living, beating heart.

        With this it prepares you for pretending to live like Kim Kardassian.

        Actually, they're not so dissimilar really. Both are depicting gross acts of insensitivity and horror. Forget I said anything.

      Who do they think they are? Mortal Kombat?

      Last edited 18/06/14 3:50 pm

      ...Or spoken with NetherRealm studios about awesome marketing techniques?

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    So effectively it's a reskin or rehashed of Stardom: The A-List and/or Stardom: Hollywood....

    Does that mean you have entire Kardashian/Jenner clan in this game...

    If only you can become famous in this game because you killed off the family....

      Does that mean you have entire Kardashian/Jenner clan in this game

      I'm sure you'll have to pay more money to get them. Gotta catch (or, rather, purchase) em all!

        perhaps or get them in a bundle package for 20% off...only to realise that it would be cheaper to purchase them one by

    I think though the target audience is going to lap this up. Lock down IAP mummies and daddies.

    Soooo I guess the sex tape bit was cut out of the original game?

    It could have at least been a game kind of like a tamagotchi so you could kill the bitch by ignoring her. Missed opportunity!

    totally unrealistic...that guy is white.

    I'd rather play Death Cargo.

    This is the worst thing since cancer.

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