Leaked Video Shows What Destiny Looks Like On The PS4

Leaked Video Shows What Destiny Looks Like On The PS4

Only a select group of people have been able to get in on the alpha test for Bungie’s next big game. One of those folks streamed Destiny off his PS4 last night.

The video shows off about six minutes of playtime in the sci-fi shooter coming from the makers of Halo. You can see the player shoot his way through multiple missions and get a taste for how combat and multiplayer will probably work in Destiny. As important as Destiny is to Activision, there will almost surely be more of it on display at E3 next week.

Destiny Alpha Gameplay Leaked [All Games Beta]


  • I’m underwhelmed but that’s just me, to fair though I’ve never Hotly anticipated this title

    • Yeh i felt the same, but.. The guy playing is pretty bad. He just hipfire, doesnt switch weapons, just even try to get cover etc. Well it makes the video a bit boring.

      Also this footage is from a lvl 5 character. I’m hoping that difficulty will go up with level and gear.

    • Borderhalo.
      Agree, very underwhelming. For the cost I wonder why its a console exclusive, must be a mega behind the scenes deal to make up for the lost PC sales. I will certainly pass on this one, seems like just another halo with a different skin with psuedo mmo placed in the blender.
      Now if it had a PC release so the eye candy could be maxed out on 3840 x 2160/4096 x 2160..it may look better than whats currently being dumbed down.

    • Field of view, like the size of a camera lens, does a lot to make a image/ game look realistic. Super wide fov’s like most people like when playing twitch shooters are not realistic.

      Also, it’s a design choice not a graphics limitation. In fact, many studios let their art departments decide on their FoV.

      While I personally believe there should be an option to tweak FoV in all games, saying you wont buy it because of FoV is ludicrous.

      • I dare say it’s not ludicrous for those of us that get violently ill playing games with an overly restricted field of view.

        There’s a reason people complain about low FoV all the time, and it has nothing to do with realism or artistic direction. It’s because we don’t want to throw up while playing.

        • Yep FoV is a real killer for me. I know it doesn’t effect everyone but If a game is locked at say 50, as much as I may like to, I’m not going to be able to play that game for long without getting a headache. So I think it’s pretty understandable why it’s a deal breaker for a lot of people.

        • I did say that I believe games should have a FoV option because some people do like higher. I myself when playing online PC FPS play at about 90 in most games.

          My statement was that it is harsh to go as far as not playing it just because it has a more realistic FoV than you are used too. (‘Used too’ being key here)

          But each to their own.

          Edit: I also wanted to point out that I don’t think the game looks to be the ‘redefinement’ that they are hoping for. I myself am not that interested because the game and visuals look like they strongly resemble Borderlands. FoV is an arbitrary reason not to get a game. There are far better and more important things to base your decision on.

          If, on the other hand, the low FoV was the last straw for you: Then yes, all the power to you. But it’s a poor excuse if it’s your only reason for not picking it up.

          • FoV is an arbitrary reason not to get a game. There are far better and more important things to base your decision on.

            Sorry but I have to disagree. A low field of view in a game is absolutely a valid reason not to buy. Why would I buy a game that I know I will probably never finish because I can’t play long enough without feeling sick? I already have a shelf full of games I stopped playing midway through for exactly this reason. FoV may be a complete non-issue to you, and that’s cool, but please understand that for a lot of other people it is a major issue. In fact it’s the primary reason I try to avoid playing any FPS titles on consoles if a PC version is available.

            It’s not a matter of being “used to” a particular field of view. People have been feeling sick playing first person games since the genre was created. Some are simply more prone to motion sickness than others, and this is much more commonly experienced at low frame rate and with a low FoV. It’s a well known and well documented issue.

            Please note that we’re not talking about people that want to set their FoV to 120 and play with fish-eye in order to gain awareness. Some people like this for competitive play, but most don’t. For most people this just seems unnatural, and will make you feel as sick as a low FoV anyway. I personally can’t stand anything close to that high, but to each their own.

            What most consider to be an acceptable FoV is somewhere in the 80-110 range, tending to be at the higher end if you’re playing on PC as your eyes are closer to the screen. Unfortunately a lot of console FPS titles these days are dropping FoV down to the 50-70 range in order to maintain a more solid frame rate. It may be fine for many people, but for a lot of us it’s down-right vomit inducing if you play for more than half an hour at a time.

            As for Destiny, I honestly haven’t watched enough footage to make a call on whether I think the FoV is low enough to be an issue, so at the moment I’m putting it down as a “wait and see”. The fact it is console only title definitely makes it a concern though, as it’s highly likely the FoV will end up low, and there will be no option to change it.

          • I’m sorry, in what way is lower FOV more realistic? It is estimated that the human eye has a FOV of about 95° Third Person games I am fine with a lower FOV but if it is first person, I get ill from playing just a few minutes.

  • I think the people you are playing with will decide how much fun you have in this game. Bungie from what I read about Halo had a built a pretty good community. So here’s hoping.

  • I don’t know how I feel about this game any more. Pound for pound it just seems like what Borderlands was before the graphic overhaul they had before the release of the first game. Same health system, same RNG item drops, same relatively simple combat abilities.

      • From what I read of Destiny, the “redefinition” isnt going to show up in a single video.

        Their big selling point is the immersion according to them. The idea of having a open world shooter, that once you finish “the campaign” it will still be alive with events, dungeon crawling and raids. PVP is also present, but not much info is out yet, other then there will be arenas.

        Thats what I’m looking for. Because I’m a bit tired of playing the same [insert shooter name here]’s pvp maps over and over. The chance to just chill running around an open area where an event can be trigger sounds pretty good. At least to me.

    • except it is closer to an MMO than a co-op game like BL is.

      I personally like the more “realistic” style of Destiny, BL’s style seemed to be lumped with the painful comedy they tried to strain through the entire thing which made it just a little more than tedious.

    • Yeah there’s something off about this. It looks like they took the immensely satisfying gunplay of Halo and turned into the less satisfying shooting of Borderlands.

      I think it’s lost something important in giving everyone a different kind of gun that does a different amount of damage. In Halo you would know how many shots a pistol would take to kill an enemy depending on where you shot them. That knowledge would affect your play style, it kept you focused on the enemy and immersed you in the experience. You’re pulled straight out of the world when you see those numbers falling out of them with each shot.

      Here everything looks and feels flaccid, enemies devolve into walking health bars, not actual adversaries that feel alive. In Halo you’d watch the Elites darting around and jumping over obstacles, here all my eyes would focus on is the red bar above dudes sort of just, standing around, waiting to die.

      I mean, they can’t have messed this up, right? It’s Bungie! We must be missing something…

      • I do fear the worst for this one though – Reminds me a lot of Defiance which was a good idea at the time just executed badly – Now we have what seems to me like an already done idea executed kinda well?! Really need to see more before purchasing though… Paid my $10 deposit and got my beta code so well find out next month

  • It looks like it might be similar to Warframe, though maybe slower and less interesting in terms of the combat.

  • I really don’t know about this game, I just don’t know what to think, I guess I’m going to have to wait until E3 release some info so I can make my mind up.

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