Let's Rate E3 2014

E3 is over and done with, and it's time to sift through the wreckage. Who did well? Who did poorly? Which games look cool? Which ones were a letdown? You tell us.

I've made a bunch of polls to see how you all felt about E3. I've focused on the companies that gave big press conferences and announced big games — there were of course a lot of cool smaller, off-the-beaten path things at E3, but those are much more difficult to capture in polls like these ones.

Ready? Commence voting!

And last but not least, the silly (but still fun) question that everyone has to ask:

Vote away, and share any more nuanced thoughts in the comments.


    Lot of love going around for Nintendo.

    unfortunately the only media coverage i saw from E3 was from Kotaku so its making it hard to vote... hmmmn....

    Wow! Nintendo won overall. There was nothing new with Nintendo, just more the same old IP. But To each there own.

      Except they did announce at least two new IPs... (Splatoon and Codename S.T.E.A.M.)

      To be fair, what Nintendo showed might have lacked original, new IPs (aside from Yoshi's Wooly World and that Toad game) but it was all kinds of awesome nonetheless.

        Seems a bit of a push to call Wooly World a new IP

      Yeah… im surprised too.

      That Zelda reveal was fanstastic….. but there wasn’t much shown at all and it’s still a long way away.
      That shooter (I can’t remember the name) looked pretty good too….. but that was really about it from them.

      Sony looks to have the best games going forward over the next few years.
      Microsoft has the best games for the rest of 2014.
      Nintendo had the most exciting game overall, but it’s still AGES away and very very little was actually show.

      I don’t see how you can “win” an E3 when they’ve got Smash Bros and….. Toad(?) as the only two AAA exclusive games I can think of between now and the NEXT E3.

      There were a bunch of new and new-enough IPs from Nintendo. Focusing only on what was shown either in the Digital Event or on the show floor by Treehouse:

      Brand New:
      Codename S.T.E.A.M.
      Fantasy Life

      Close-enough to brand new:
      Captain Toad
      Yoshi's Wooly World
      Mario Maker
      Devil's Third

      Honourable mentions:
      Bayonetta 1+2 (first time on a Nintendo console)
      Hyrule Warriors (crossover between two IPs that's quite different to both of them)

      Nintendo is all about all kinds of nostalgia. They prey on the nostalgia of the old and young alike.

      That is basically their business model. Hahahaha.

      It's too bad that none of their games can really justify purchasing a Wii U.

      And Drake 4, Farcry 4, Assissins Creed Unity, Remake GTA4 were all new IP's?

      How many new IPs did Sony and Microsoft announce?

      Yeah and what new IPs did others show? (Exclusives not previously announced) Nintendo had two major new IPs it announced: steam, splatoon. They also had a sweet smash tournament, and a hilarious presentation.

        I loved how nintendo actually poked fun at people that whinge about then with that douchebag in the front row demanding Mother 3 hahaha

    I feel nintendo's had the more bombshell announcements over the others but I enjoyed Sony's more overall

    It felt like 8 overall. I was pretty pleased with this year's E3 and out of the conferences I saw (all of them except for EA), I didn't feel like any of them were straight up bad.

    I was pleasantly surprised with Microsoft's conference and their focus JUST on games. Phil Spencer was really humble as well and didn't diss on the others. Whatta guy!

    There was no real clear "winner" out of the console makers for me, but I'm all for the fans being the real winners (:P). Plenty of awesome new games were shown that got me excited for games again.

    ...I'm even somewhat tempted to buy an Xbox One now :O

    I'm also suprised to see Nintendo so far out in front, and I've got confirmed Nintendo bias.

    That said, I actually thought Microsoft "won" E3 over Nintendo. Both of them showed off a tonne of games, I just felt that MS showed a much stronger offering for the next 6 months - a lot of Nintendo's games are in the territory of 2015. The Xbox One looks like it's set to really grow a large and diverse library between now and the end of the year. And I agree with @greenius: for his first E3 as head of Xbox, Phil Spencer showed great form.

    But all that said an done, I wasn't totally convinced to go out and buy either an Xbox One or a PS4, so I only rated the show a 7 (fairly solid presentations overall, but all in all a lot of slow burning hype for the distant future of 2015).

    It appears to me that all the hype is around the developers announcing release dates for games we know are eventually coming anyway. The only time this is really relevant to me is on release of the new console, after that I know the games will roll out I don't need a conference for it. I am more interested in hearing about HBO GO app for ps4 which is still not available rather then GTAV. I know I'm in the minority but just voicing .....

    I think a lot of people are putting a lot of weight on that short Zelda video.
    Don’t get me wrong, it looked fantastic, but that game is still WAY off and there’s a long way to go before it becomes the cool looking product we hope (and expect) that it will be.

    My question is: If Nintendo didn’t show that 60 seconds of Zelda footage how would we be viewing their E3?

    If console Zelda games have 3 common traits it’s that they’re great, take forever to make and are often delayed.
    With the WiiU on life support and the hardware already aging Nintendo absolutely must get that game complete to the ridiculously high standard everyone expects and on the shelf before the end of 2015. I don’t think there’s ever been a game in history that will carry that kind of pressure.

    If Zelda isn’t out in 2015 then is there a line-up worthy of salvaging the WiiU coming out that year?
    I don’t think so. It’ll still get great games that the people that own WiiU’s will buy and enjoy, but I honestly can’t see any of those other titles shifting hardware during the year.

    If it slips to mid-2016 in the same way OOT, Twilight Princess or Skyward Sword did then I can see it doing a Twilight Princess and being a launch game on the next system.

    (I’ve done a lot of Nintendo bashing today, sorry for that anyone I’ve offended. I’m planning on buying a WiiU over the next month!)

      Well, MK8 is shifting Wii-U's right now, and Smash Bros looks amazing, even without Zelda there are easily as many titles worth owning on the Wii-U as there are on the PS4 or XB1.
      I'm not a Nintendo fan (I was too old and didn't grow up on Mario, Zelda, DK, GoldenEye, and whatever the pretty lady in a robot-suit game is called) but I don't get the Wii-U negativity.
      It has more grunt than a 360 or PS3, and plenty of good games available for it, and by the look of it, some very cool and fun ones coming out over the next two years.

        It's not going to be a Wii type seller or even win this Gen. But it is shaping up to be a console with some AAA titles.

      My question is: If Nintendo didn’t show that 60 seconds of Zelda footage how would we be viewing their E3?For me, it'd be exactly the same. The highlights were that there's a new Canvas Curse, Star Fox is definitely coming, and Splatoon looks awesome. Zelda we already knew was coming, actually seeing something of it was just icing on the cake.

      Last edited 17/06/14 5:58 pm

    Yeah Nintendo was the worst. I can't believe everyone is calling the zelda "gameplay" great when the majority of it was watching grass.

    They should just cancel E3 if all were getting is CGI trailers and concept art. If you have nothing to show then don't show anything.

      The other two should have cancelled as well in that case.

      Last edited 17/06/14 7:18 pm

    Enjoyed Microsoft and ubisoft. Sony was good but I did fall asleep during it. Nintendo's was alright. Ea was the worst in my eyes.

    I think one of the reasons why people liked Nintendo's showing more is due to the fact they actually "announced" anything new. People like to bag on Nintendo about reusing their tried and true franchises but how different is it from what everyone else is doing at the moment?

    E3 this year from everyone else has been a relatively safe one. Everything shown at everyone else was stuff we were expecting. The stuff that was actually new like Bloodbourne? Not much different from the Zelda announcement in terms of actual substance, and when you're up against Zelda in a conceptual trailer fight, you're always going to lose.

    At least with Nintendo they showed some new things like Splatoon and STEAM. Splatoon could use some polishing but has some neat ideas, and STEAM looked gorgeous. The whole Treehouse over 3 days on Twitch did wonders for Nintendo this year, as did the Smash Bros tournament.

    Outside of Nintendo, there just wasn't any exciting announcements. Most disappointing thing for me actually was the lack of any JRPGs from Sony's conference, whose consoles have historically been the home for this genre. For me, the most exciting non-Nintendo stuff was not Sony or MS exclusive but in the form of Witcher, Dragon Age, Sims 4, and Far Cry 4, all of which I can get for my PC. Stuff like Destiny and Sunset Overdrive were neat but when you look at the big picture, it's not exactly difficult to see why people, fanboys or otherwise thought Nintendo did better.

      Yeah I agree. The only exciting games outside of Nintendo aren't true exclusives to any console. Nintendo definitely had the best show as to what they actually would be exclusively offering.

    Nintendo wins because I saw actual gameplay.

    There is only one winner at this years E3 and it's gamers like me who own multiple consoles. We have such an huge choice of games to play so We win. So too the fanboys who are emotionally attached to only one of the greedy gaming companies keep fighting the good fight in the all and pointless console warz.......

    Nintendo win because, for the past few years, no matter what they did they were shat on. Everyone kept saying they were down and out and that they should give up on the Wii U and they came out and proved there is plenty of life in the console yet... I don't think there is a single game a saw that I won't pick up and I can't say the same for Xbone or PS4.

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