Let's Remember The Vuvuzela Mod For Doom 2

It's a slow news day, presumably because of some combination of the summer being a slow news season and that we're all watching World Cup games (come on, Costa Rica, jeez UPDATE: CON-CA-CAF CON-CA-CAF) instead of normal summer Sunday activities.

There are no vuvuzelas at this World Cup in Brazil, but at the 2010 South Africa World Cup they were pretty much the only sound we could hear for a whole month, and in honour of the four-year anniversary of that tournament here's a video of a weaponised vuvuzela somebody modded into Doom 2. This is incredibly disconcerting.


    After all these years and mods are still being released for the original Doom games huh? Why not?

    Oh and it's not summer Kotaku.com.au, so stop teasing me.
    On that point does Kotaku Australia even have it's own journos or are we only allowed U.S. reposts? Not complaining mind you it's just as you said "a slow news day". :-)

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