Let's Take A Minute And Appreciate How Pretty This Art Is [NSFW]

Let's Take A Minute And Appreciate How Pretty This Art Is

Alberto Mielgo is one of the greats. Artist, animator, illustrator, art director, he's done it all, and done it for companies like Disney, PlayStation, Dreamworks, Xbox and the BBC. Oh, and he also won an Emmy for his work on the beautiful Tron: Uprising.

While the normal thing to do here is post a gallery of an artist's work, Mielgo's multidisciplinary talents mean he's put an animated showreel together instead. So let's watch it (or, well, I'll watch it again, because it's so damn good).

You can see more of Alberto's work at his personal site.

Careful, some bits aren't very work friendly!

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    like the tron stuff, but not really liking the rotoscoping that he has done, but have never really liked that sort of thing. to me its always a little too abstract.

    I find it funny that this picture and title is an exact replica of a post I saw on Imgur's user sub a few days ago.

    Unless of course Luke Plunkett made the post on Imgur as well. In which case; my apologies.

    Yeah, wow, 2 minutes in was... unexpected.

    MAJOR NSFW - there is a closeup of a womans genetalia, as well as back views of her nude, as well as a top half shot that shows her breasts. This really should be tagged.

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