Like Blade Runner? Try This PC Classic

Like Blade Runner? Try This PC Classic

You probably missed it since you’re coming down from E3 madness, but a very special game was released on Steam today. It’s called Mean Streets.

Well, these days thanks to branding (the game saw the debut of the character) it’s called Tex Murphy: Mean Streets, but back in 1989 when it was first released it was just known as Mean Streets.

While later Tex games have gone full-blown camp, this game wore its Blade Runner inspiration on its sleeve, from the noir influences to the design of your equipment.

Gameplay was/is split between the kind of 2D adventuring anyone who’s played an old Lucasarts or Sierra game will be familiar with, but also a unique “flight sim” mode where you piloted a flying car around and even some side-scrolling combat.

It was a very cool game at the time, and as an example of tasteful 80’s sci-fi in video games (not to mention unique adventure game design) is still worth a look today. It’s currently $US3 on Steam, which is well with “dude on website recommended this so I may as well take a look” territory.

Mean Streets [Steam]


    • Which is superior in EVERY way. But unless I’m also mistaken, the above game is a supreme example of “great for it’s time, but too old unless you’re an old games enthusiast”.

    • Not to mention this is available on GOG as well plus its sequel, DRM free. But if you want to experience the storyline you may as well get Overseer, which covers the storyline with FMV done right.

    • Indeed. I still have the original on 4 discs. It’s pretty good actually – different each time you play it.

    • Don’t think Blade Runner is on GOG… but yes a lot of fun.. I got up to a point when I was tied to chair.. and couldn’t get free lol! Must go back and finish it one day.

  • This is the first in the Tex Murphy series. The last game in the series – “The Tesla Effect” – was actually kickstarted, developed and released on GOG quite recently. It’s pretty fun so far.

  • Watched just the start of the video and it reminded me of Rescue on Fractalus in sight and sound.

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