Link Looks A Lot More Vicious In Hyrule Warriors. Seriously.

Link Looks a Lot More Vicious in Hyrule Warriors. Seriously.

In case you were wondering, when you put Legend of Zelda characters in a Dynasty Warriors-style setup, everything gets a bit more ferocious. Maybe even uncomfortably so.

Usually when you see Link fighting enemies in his many video game appearances, he comes across as determined and resolute. It never seems like he likes the violence. But this trailer for Hyrule Warriors makes the Hero of Time look a bit more bloodthirsty than normal. The most interesting part of this clip might be the Dodongo fight, where Link takes on the giant lizard with his trademark bombs.

Has Link ever looked this vicious? He's come close a few times.

Seriously, Wind Waker Link will eff you up. But, Hyrule Warriors' Link will almost certainly rack up a bigger body count.


    I don't think he looks any less purposeful or any more vicious than any previous game.

    I do however now know how goddamn badly I need a triforce alarm clock!

      Hell yes, that clock has me sold. As for the game though, I'm still not convinced. It looks like some good mindless fun, but as a fan of the series I'm a bit meh about it all.

        Being a Dynasty Warriors style game, there is no doubt it will be mindless fun :D. I would be surprised if there were much of a story but definately some fun to be had.

    huh? really? which part did he look more vicious? This is a strange article....

    im liking the scarf link has... i hope thats a thing in future zelda games aswell.

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