Looks Like A Mutant Xbox One To Me

Looks Like A Mutant Xbox One To Me
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This is not a new model of the Xbox One. (Nor is it a paper-cutter.) It’s Microsoft’s console bedecked with peripherals from Nyko.

On the left, a “modular power station” ($US29.99, arriving late 2014) that plugs into a USB port on the console and charges your controller batteries. On top, an intercooler ($US24.99, arriving Christmas 2014) to keep the system from running too hot.


  • As if it wasn’t big enough already. I think I’ll stick with the USB cable thank you.

    • no 🙂 It lacks the mountain of cables connecting everything together to give it that truly authentic ‘Life Support’ look.

      • Hahahaha. You call it Life Support, I call it a consoles attempt at an Akira cosplay, 😛

  • I honestly don’t see the need for an intercooler on the X1 seems to run pretty cool/quiet to me as it is and mine is on for long hours most weekends

    • x2 on this, it’s large, has good ventilation, a large quiet fan, and external power supply. You’d hope overheating wasn’t an issue this generation.

      • x3 Overheating is not an issue at all. This is just so cashed up Muppet’s have something to spend money on because they think its necessary.

        I do like the controller charging dock though 🙂

      • You’d hope
        being the operative word. I doubt they’d go through all the effort of designing and manufacturing it if it wasn’t required.
        It’s actually pretty sad that charging some peripheral batteries screws up your power and heat management….

        • Why? They make it because people want it, people want it because the 360 and PS3 had heat based issues, so they’re pre-emptively hoping this will help. Most likely it’ll just make your system a heap noisier.

          • I misunderstood the article. I thought the extra cooling was necessary for whatever the peripheral was.

            And for some reason I thought it was a Microsoft add on. It makes more sense that the charging dock is separate from the cooling thing.

  • Looks like the charging add-on will make the unit the same width as all my other components in my entertainment system ie amp, BluRay player etc.

  • I don’t think anybody will be too quick to buy these if they remember what happened to Xbox 360 consoles with Nyko coolers.

    • The Xbox controller with a play and charge kit retails for exactly the same as a PS4 controller and the one without is $20 cheaper. People who run their own rechargeable batteries at home would likely prefer to use them so it works out better all round with the exception being the original controller that comes with the system and that’s a $30rrp hit.
      It also allows for people to swap out defective batteries/packs, if they stop holding charge or fail in any way without the controller being a brick in the meantime.

  • The Xbox is already huge enough. With all these doodads, the thing’s turning into an aircraft carrier.

    • didn’t that one for the 360 actually help it run hotter causing more RROD’s?

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