Luigi Is A Total Jerk In The New Mario Kart

Luigi Is A Total Jerk In The New Mario Kart

The best thing about the new Mario Kart game is the replay mode. Through smart use of character focus and camera angles it brings a little narrative to each race. In this case, a simple overtaking becomes something more sinister.

Luigi Is A Total Jerk In The New Mario Kart

That stare. So cold-blooded.

You can watch the full clip that this was taken from (the stare goes forever) below.

Waluigi vs Luigi 1 [YouTube]


    Haha! Saw that on Facebook! Classic! And MK8 is awesome. I've sunk a heap of time into it so far. Played a few online games last night against randoms (and won!!!), and I'm now making my way through 150cc. First few cups are easy enough, but after that, holy hell. I'm constantly being yelled at for swearing...

    The replay mode is amazing. Nothing gets me more than an awesome replay feature (Sega Rally Championship on the Saturn had a particularly pretty one), and I've spent so much time watching and uploading replays with this. I'm not usually one for video sharing, but MK8 seems to be the exception :)

    Also good to see it selling systems. When I got my copy at EB on launch day, there were 4 people buying the MK8 bundle, along with everyone else just picking up the game. I wouldn't count Nintendo out just yet !!!

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      Also good to see it selling systems.

      Yeah I'm one of them. MK8 was the game to finally convince me to buy a Wii U. Picked up the MK8 bundle at Big W on the weekend and scored an extra 10% off. Sweet.

      Loving it so far. Except for blue shells. Still hate those.

        If you're in first and you get one of the new horn box just hold onto it for dear life. I think you can also still escape the blue shells by dropping a mushroom just as the shell is about to it.

        So far, i think i'm finding the lightning more frustrating, seems to be a lot more common and it always hits me when i'm a decent weapon.

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          Nah I've tried boosting away from blue shells with a mushroom, doesn't work like it used to.

          One nice thing though is that unlike previous games, you don't lose the item you're holding when you are hit by one, so you can keep a mushroom with you and use it immediately AFTER being hit by a blue shell to minimise the damage. Or as you said maybe the horn, but you need to get close enough to another racer to use it. Red shell is another item you should hold onto should you get hit.

          However, you can only ever hold one item at a time now, even if you a trailing a banana or shell behind you to block incoming red or green shells. You also seem to recover faster from being hit by stuff in general, and are pulled back onto the track a lot faster if you fall off.

          As you said, lightning strikes seem to be the only powerup now that actually makes you drop the item you are carrying.

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        My wife and I finally picked one up yesterday with MK8 and have been having a blast.

        Now we just need to decide what free game to download. Hmmmmm...

    I had every character unlocked by the end of my first day of playing and found in terms of content there doesn't seem to be much after you finish gold on all cups.

    I've been playing plenty of online which has been fun and every now and then the coins I collect unlock a vehicle part but has anyone else thought this? Will they release more content soon or is this the game through and through?

      It's Mario Kart. What were you expecting? The highlight of it is playing it with friends in the same room.

      *Everyone laughs*

        Don't get me wrong I'm not saying the game isn't fun it's great- just surprised me when 3 hours after playing I had virtually unlocked all the bonus things it had to offer.

        It seems I am the only one haha not to worry

      Why don't you do the time trials and beat the nintendo staff ?

    I'm going with just another pointless article posted by Kotaku US. Now if there was more than one video in the post about the evil stares you get in MK8 then it'd be worth the upload. Just a gif and a video link and a throwaway pair of sentences. Waste of time

      Have another then.

        Your .gif is nearly 14 MB and the one in the 'article' is 9 MB. When you're making .gifs that large it's time to put the .gif maker away.

        Please, a little warning next time, I could've choked on my McDonalds.

    Slowmo carnage is so freaking sweet. I could watch replays all day.





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    MK8 is brilliant - absolutely brilliant. I agree it's somewhat limited in unlockables but I'm hoping for DLC in the near future - new tracks, new battle areas, new characters - nintendo will making a frickin FORTUNE off that stuff.

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