Luigi Is Simply Unstoppable

Dayshot: Luigi is simply unstoppable.

Dayshot showcases some of the prettiest, funniest game-related screenshots and art that we can find.

Picture: bluesmagician and bryko/Flickr


    This Luigi thing is fantastic. Trust the internet to come up with a meme from the oddest places

      I know right?

      Nintendo's been trying everything they can think of to get people looking at the Wii U, then this comes along and it's more publicity than they've been able to manage in the last year.

        Here's hoping that Ninty don't try to capture lightning in a bottle and incorporate this into their own advertising. It would probably just end up very awkward...
        EDIT: What they did in their E3 opener was very well done, I apologise!

        Last edited 11/06/14 2:11 pm

    Funny that this is what is bring Luigi the attention that "Year of Luigi" couldn't.

    Oh man, hahaha. I played some yesterday, had my friend go Luigi just so we cool look at replays. :D

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