Mamas, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Fight With Dildos

Mamas, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Fight With Dildos

Seeing as gun control is such a hot-button topic in the US, the most successful arguments (from either side) often have to be the most subtle. And this might be the first time the use of duelling dildos has ever been seen as subtle.

So, yeah, keep your weapons of war locked up and away from prying fingers. Or someone will have an eye out.


      • It’s always an option, gun ownership isn’t compulsory in America or (as far as I know) any other country.

        • the issue is gun control, I grew up in a country filled with guns, everyone owns a gun because everyone owns a gun, I know that sounds idiotic but no one wants to leave themselves vulnerable knowing that everyone else has a gun. Especially parents, i knew people who were fiercely anti guns but still owned them for their families protection, what you need to understand is Australia has it pretty good as far as crime is concerned and we are blessed with harsh gun control laws. If you lived in another country you’d probably have a very different view on the world.

          • It’s been shown in studies that owning a gun in America increases the chance of being shot in an assault by 450%, and by 575% if the defender has the ‘opportunity to defend himself’. Similar conclusions have been reached about other gun-heavy countries as well. Owning a gun increases risk of death or injury, it doesn’t decrease it.

        • Need dem guns to fight back against the government! Second amendment! Liberty! Freedom! Murica!

        • Allow me to clarify, while most people in America are more at danger from their own guns than other peoples, asking them to relinquish gun ownership is met with the same sense of absurdity as if I just asked you to cut off both your arms.

          I don’t think the average person needs a gun, let alone several that are semi or fully automatic and have massive magazines. Some people such as Cattle Farmers need a gun but can get by with a bolt action rifle rather than an Assault Rifle.

          I also feel the American second Amendment was so that organised local defense groups had access to weapons in times of need, rather than every man on the street having a gun in the closet at home.

  • I’m….. still uncertain as to what their ‘point’ is with this video?

    I don’t mean that I think it’s a bad video, or even offensive. It’s just I genuinely cannot figure out whether this group is pro-guns, or anti-guns…. their website is the most ambiguous collection of sentences I have ever read!

    I do like that it gets people thinking though, however in the US it will of course be taken in a bad way. I think that alone says enough….

    … that people will be horrified and offended by two boys running around with dildos, yet running around with guns is perfectly fine. Sex is horrible and against God, yet killing is fine [as long as the other person believes in a different invisible man to the one you do].

    • the point of the video isn’t “pro-gun” or “anti-gun” it’s pro gun safety, something which I’m sure both sides can agree is important (at least the reasonable parts of both sides).

      • Yeah that’s fair enough. Definitely agree with that.

        Their website and they way they communicate though really comes across like they are Astroturfing though… [campaigns made by big groups to look like ‘grass-roots’ organisations]

    • Guns and Dildos are both items which people keep away from children. They are basically saying that putting them in a draw or hidden without a lock wont stop children from playing with things they shouldn’t. Also I found my mums while looking for batteries for the wii remote around the house > . >

  • I won’t even weigh in on America and it’s gun control. I just get annoyed that kids keep getting shot and everyone just keeps arguing the same points while nothing ever gets done.

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