Meet Ryan Morrison, The Video Game Lawyer We Need Right Now

Meet Ryan Morrison, The Video Game Lawyer We Need Right Now

He is not the hero video game developers need… actually he sort of is the hero video game developers need, particularly if they’re fighting against the bullies of the games industry and feel overwhelmed. His name is Ryan Morrison and he is a Video Game Attorney. Earlier today he did an Ask Me Anything on Reddit. If you’re an aspiring developer or just interested in video games as an industry, it’s well worth reading.

Perhaps the best part of the AMA itself is his one man (probably righteous) crusade against Candy Crush creators King and its attempts to crackdown on usage of the word ‘Candy’ in video game titles.

Some things you should know about him: Phoenix Wright is totally his hero. If the circumstances are right, he might actually help you fight King for free, and he holds a weekly AMA over at the GameDev subreddit helping game developers defend their rights.

Also: he thinks in-app purchases to unlock features “should be put on a small asteroid and hit with a rocket”. Seems like a pretty cool guy.

You can check out the AMA here, but I’d also recommend reading an article he posted today over at GameFront, which goes into more detail on the King/Candy Crush ‘saga’ (for want of a better term).


  • And if that cartoon is anything to go by, a pretty handsome guy at that. Could drown in those eyes!

    Nah but seriously, cool guy.

  • I’m not entirely convinced these guys know trade mark law that well, some of what he writes is like fear mongering to people who don’t understand how it works. But then again, it’s probably good for journalism/website hits.

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