Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Done Perfectly In Under Four Minutes

This is how Snake would handle things in real life. It's a 3:54.870 run, to be exact, with an S Rank, so that means Mimalmo didn't really make any mistakes and managed to finish the game perfectly.

He says it's the world record for an S Rank run, and while there are faster runs out there, this one quite might be the fastest without messing up anything.

[YouTube, via r/metalgearsolid]


    Try do that on hard without reflex...

    Shouting out to the world how awesome you are. Hey everyone Look how awesome I am! I beat the game really fast on normal mode with the assists on.

    I was told it was short but holy shit that's short for a 50 dollar game.

      Yeah but he probably finished around 50 times to get this good at it.
      So at a dollar a run is it worth it?

      I used to pay that much for a game of Marvel vs Capcom at the arcade

      Yeah, it would suck if that was your tenth go at it and that was the run you got...

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