Minecraft Creator Debuts His Latest Creation, Cliffhorse

Minecraft Creator Debuts His Latest Creation, Cliffhorse

Technically his first commercial game since Minecraft took the world by storm, Markus “Notch” Persson’s Cliffhorse puts players in control of a horse near some cliffs. Well, hills mostly, but Hillhorse sounds silly.

In fact the whole thing is a bit silly, just a bit of fluff tossed together in the Unity engine and announced via a series of tongue-in-cheek tweets.

And while you don’t really have to donate in order to download the game, available now at Cliffhorse.com, Notch tweeted earlier today that the game had received around $US100 worth of Dogecoin in donations.

As for the game, it’s pretty much as I described it in the opener. You’ve got a horse that sticks to the ground, a ball that uses the same skin as the horse, and a random 3D landscape to wander over. There’s not even any sound.

Congratulations, Notch, on your new-found success.

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