Mirror's Edge 2 Looks Exactly As Cool As It Should

Mirror's Edge 2 Looks Exactly As Cool As It Should

EA showcased some new footage of Mirror's Edge 2, and boy, Faith doesn't look like someone you want to mess around with.

Footage showed Faith wall running, and the developers delved a bit into Faith's backstory. They also highlighted motion capture, and it looks like Faith might have some new moves. Neat.

Mirror's Edge 2 Looks Exactly As Cool As It Should

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    "We've removed any need for Faith to shoot a gun" - what I was hoping to hear.

    Still, HYPED.

      Indeed. The worst part of part 1. Otherwise a fantastic game. I purposely avoid using guns in part 1 to keep her 'in character'.

        Oh yeah. While running, one was basically Sonic the Hedgehog. But when one picked up a gun, it was Abraham Simpson!

      Playing the first game without firing a gun is one of the best gaming experiences I've had. I cannot wait for this.

      They might as well have. They didn't show her shooting and they said she should "hit fast and move on". There's also melee-only enemies now. Sound to me like they're going to be heavily downplaying the shooting or removing it all together.

    I remember laughing when this was first announced. The devs were basically like, "We love Faith and everything that makes her - so let's change her and reboot everything." So... you didn't love her? In this context the choice to reboot instead of continuing and fleshing out the story of the existing Faith perplexed me. And who reboots a relatively recent game with only one title in the franchise anyway?

      Looks like they've also filled out her chest. There goes the only A-cup heroine in gaming. Tch.

      My guess is that the poor sales of the first game make it a more viable business decision to 'relaunch' the series. You put a '2' on the end of the title, and impulse gamers who can no longer find a copy of the first game for hardware they don't own anymore will probably not bother picking up this one.

      I wouldn't be surprised if this game remains consistent with the events of the first one. It still may be a reboot in name only.

      Honestly I thought the writing was the weakest part of Mirrors Edge. The story was pretty disappointing so if they can keep the graphic style and gameplay while adding an actually compelling narrative then I'll be totally happy.

        In fairness, the story was created after all the levels were made. Hard to make anything classic when you've got a set structure to fill.

        The story was my personal pet peev as well. It was clear that significant portions were cut out and put into the pre release trailers and comic books (and yes, I've seen and read them).

        Even when all elements were gathered together, it was still incomplete.

        My other peev was the level design. I played the demo and the game seemed great and the final product was the same on that level. But as the game progressed it clearly showed less and less refinement as the game progressed.

        At the risk of sounding silly, the game should have been delayed for a couple of months so it could be given the refinement it needed.

        And not to preempt things but it seems EA is making the same mistakes as before. The game is still some ways off and already EA is starting the hype mill.

          Yeah, I didn't mind the level design overall, but it did suffer from being way too strict in it's linearity. I mean, some areas are meant to be a puzzle, sure, but I'd hope that with the next game they work to give players the opportunity to find their own path through a level rather than just purely "follow the red line or hit a brick wall".

            It should have been more like GTA where you are given missions and use any means (and any building in and out) to get to your objective.

    I loved the original Mirrors Edge, and am so keen for this! Also can't wait for the OST.

      Agreed. Out of the two 'Still Alive' theme songs that came out that year, the one from Mirror's Edge is the one I go back to on a regular basis :)

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